New Year, New You! 8 Delicious Recipes to Clean Up Your Diet

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New Year, New You! 8 Delicious Recipes to Clean Up Your Diet

A new year signifies a new, clean slate. Whatever plan it is that you have been going back and forth about – be it a fitness plan, getting full eight hours of sleep every night, or forming healthy eating habits, now’s the time to kick it into full gear!

Tricks like incorporating veggies into your breakfasts and snacking on fruits everyday are some easy ways to upgrade the healthy eating habits you might already have. If healthy eating is one of your priorities for 2018, check out these delicious recipes to play around with and make the most out of your clean slate of 365 days!


1. Lemon Zucchini Bread

Yes, you can get your veggie and fruit intake all in a dessert! This classic zucchini bread recipe has a lemon bread twist to it, making it the perfect quick bread perfect for breakfast on-the-go, or a yummy tea time treat! Trust us – this tangy, moist recipe will be in your repertoire for years to come!  

Watch now:  
Get the recipe HERE.
Equipment used: Jamie Oliver Non-Stick Loaf Tin (1l). Buy online now on our
Lazada or Redmart e-store!


2. Moist Organic Apple Crumble

Desserts can be delicious and healthy with this Moist Organic Apple Cake topped with Toasted Pine Nuts by Chef Daniele Sarno! Serve this for a special afternoon tea or as a dessert!

Equipment used: Jamie Oliver Non-Stick Loose Round Sandwich Tin. Buy online now on or Lazada or Redmart e-store!

3. Basic Water Kefir

Ever heard of kefir? It’s a unique cultured dairy product that’s very rich in probiotics. The name ‘kefir’ stems from the Turkish word ‘keif’, which means ‘good feeling’! This refreshing drink has benefits that include boosting your immunity system, supporting your digestion and more.  Try our Basic Water Kefir recipe – you can add in your preferred sweetener of choice (honey, agave, fruits) and tweak them to your liking!

4. Chia Seed Pumpkin Pudding

When overnight oats or a cup of yoghurt just won’t do, try a chia seed pudding! Chia seeds are a protein-packed superfood that’s great for breakfast, adding into your salads, beverages and even baked goods!

Rich in antioxidants, try this chia seed pumpkin pudding – the sweetness from the pumpkin acts as a natural sweetener!

Looking to power up your day? Then you should definitely check out our Strawberry Smoothie Bowl!

Equipment used: Zyliss Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk. Buy online now at our Lazada or Redmart e-store!

5. Sweet Potato Baked Egg Nests

Looking for the perfect prepare-ahead breakfast option for your busy work days? Look no further than these simple 2-ingredient Sweet Potato Baked Egg Nests! It looks fancy, but trust us – this one is super simple! All you have to do is shred a few sweet potatoes, nestle them into a muffin tin, crack an egg inside and into the oven they go! They’re the ideal grab-and-go protein-packed breakfast!

Watch now:
Get the recipe HERE.

Equipment used: Westmark Spiromat Vegetable Slicer. Buy online now on our Lazada or Redmart e-store!

6. Poached Egg & Avocado Toast

Keep yourselffull till lunch with this nutritious breakfast boost! Delicious, creamy avocado serves as a great alternative to butter, and goes perfectly with a runny poached egg – mop up the yolk with your toast for a satisfying end to an already tasty breakfast! Switch up the toast to sourdough, rye, multigrain bread – whichever tickles your fancy!

Watch now:  
Get the recipe HERE.

Equipment used: Grant Primo Sous Vide Water Bath

7. Roasted Broccoli Pesto

Who knew that you could switch up basil with broccoli for a delicious pesto recipe! This Roasted Broccoli Pesto tastes amazing with pasta, as a dip, or as a sandwich spread!

Prefer using basil instead? Try out our Pesto Pasta! This sentence is rather strange cos you wanna promote your broccoli peso righ then why you ask them prefer using basil ?

Equipment used: Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor. Buy online now at our Lazada or Redmart e-store!

8. Hummus with Flat Bread

Here’s one for the mid-day munchies! Throw out the chips and enjoy a healthy snack with Hummus and Flatbread! You can have the hummus with flatbread alone or even throw in grilled chicken and roasted vegetables for a healthy, balanced meal!

Equipment used: Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor. Buy online now at our Lazada or Redmart e-store!

Hungry for more? Check out our Healthy Yoghurt Bark, Easy Strawberry Smoothie Bowl and more delicious treats at our recipe page!


6 Feel-good recipes to CUT DOWN on Sugar!

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6 Feel-good recipes to CUT DOWN on Sugar!

As research reveals the not-so-sweet side effects of excessive sugar – including diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, many of us are now trying to cut back on sugar in our diets.

Thankfully, this does not mean goodbye to our favourite desserts and snacks. Cutting back on sugar just got a whole lot easier – we’ve rounded up our best treats that pass the delicious (and healthy!) test– now that’s a sweet deal 😉

1.Quick Bites! – Smoothie Bowl

Craving for something sweet and sour? This strawberry, blueberry and granola combo will excite your taste buds. Feel free to sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and desiccated coconut before serving to add fibre and immunity-boosting anti-oxidants! Grab your blender and let it do all the work!

Recommended equipment: Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup Maker

2. Tofu Cheesecake

Looking for a healthy cheesecake recipe? Don’t let the tofu turn you off from this recipe – it adds a luxurious smooth, velvety texture to the cake that will leave you wanting seconds!

Recommended equipment: Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor

3. Baked Organic Pumpkin Gnocchi

Traditionally made with flour, eggs and potatoes, gnocchi’s are a classic Italian dish.

Indulge yourself in this delicious yet healthy organic pumpkin gnocchi without any guilt! These fluffy little pillows melt in your mouth are served on a bed of sweet, tangy tomato sauce that go perfectly with the creamy pumpkin.

Recommended equipment: Cuisinart Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System

4. Quick Bites! – Healthy Yogurt Bark

Like a blank canvass, this yogurt bark can take on almost any flavours you desire. Use agave instead of honey, or you can even throw in some pitted dates to add some natural sweetness!  Make this ahead of time and grab one whenever the munchies hit! They’re perfect for a protein-packed snack, late night treat or a grab-and-go breakfast.

Recommended equipment: Jamie Oliver Non-Stick Baking Tray

5. Mango in Sago, sprinkled with Shredded Coconut & Chia Seeds

Thinking of something light and easy? Try this Mango Sago with chia seeds recipe for the perfect finish to your meal! The mango juice and flesh adds a refreshing sweetness to this dessert and the chia seeds adds a fantastic boost of protein, fibre and other nutrients!

Recommended equipment: Zebra Mixing Bowl

6. Basic Water Kefir

Water Kefir is a probiotic beverage made using water kefir crystals that are full of probiotics and enzymes for a delicious and healthy drink!

This easy recipe by Chef Geeta teaches you how to brew water kefir for a healthier lifestyle!

Feel free to add in your favourite berries citrus fruits, or even herbs to give it your own twist!

Recommended equipment: Westmark Strainer/Puree Sieve

8 Red Hot Picks & Recipes this National Day

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8 Red Hot Picks & Recipes this National Day

With Singapore’s birthday just around the corner, show our Lion City some love with these National Day nosh! Invite some friends and family over and dig into these red-and-white-themed dishes, prepared using our recommended kitchen tools and equipment that will make it a breeze from prep to cook!

1. Apple Pie

This homemade Apple Pie is a classic, from a scrumptious filling to the flaky pastry crust – homemade goodness at its very best! Use the Nordic Ware Stars & Cherries Pie Top Cutter to fashion stars for your pie top, and they’ll be a show stopping dessert at your National Day dessert table!

Recommended equipment: Nordic Ware Stars & Cherries Pie Top Cutter

2. Spaghetti alla Singapore with Prawns and Tobiko

Carb-lovers, unite! Tuck into this Spaghetti alla Singapore with Prawns and Tobiko this National Day to satiate that carb craving! Chef Felix’s recipe allows the ingredients to speak for themselves, using fresh tiger prawns and Italian parsley. Not a fan of tobiko? Swap it out for chopped Ikan Bilis for an extra kick to your pasta!

Recommended equipment: Jamie Oliver Pasta Essentials Set, Red

3. Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake

This chocolate mocha bundt cake makes use of the gorgeous spiral tin, and you really need very minimal decoration, as the design should be the masterpiece here. Bring it up a notch with fresh fruit like strawberries, raspberries and more to make them look extra special for National Day!

Recommended equipment: Nordic Ware PLATINUM Heritage Bundt Pan

4. Chili Crab with Mantou

Dive in with your hands with this national favourite! Stir-fried in a delicious gooey gravy on sweet, savoury tomato and chili sauce, this finger-licking good recipe will leave you wanting more. Remember to mop up the gravy with mantous!

Recommended equipment: Zyliss Seafood Cracker

5. Sous Vide Wagyu Beef

There’s nothing quite like slicing into a tender, succulent piece of beef that has been cooked to perfection. Indulge in this all-star, easy-to-make Sous Vide Wagyu Beef that melts in your mouth thanks to the Sous Vide method of cooking! Serve this with a side salad, mashed potatoes or just on its own for guests to pick on!

Recommended equipment: Primo Sous Vide Water Bath, Red

6. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

What’s not to love about a delicious whoopie pie, especially when they’re in a lip-smacking red velvet flavour? This National Day, try your hand at these red velvet whoopie pies to celebrate with your loved ones, family gatherings and parties. The mildly sweet dough complements the cream cheese frosting perfectly – these are the ultimate decadence in little packages! Rope in the kids to spread the frosting and sandwich the whoopie pies for the perfect weekend bake-out!

Recommended equipment: De Buyer Black Steel Baking Tray with Oblique Edge Black

7. Black Sesame Macarons

Forget store-bought macarons, try these Black Sesame Macarons for a delightful local twist! This recipe by Chef Mimi teaches you to bake the perfect macaron that is light and airy that sandwiches the fragrant Black Sesame Custard Filling.

Recommended tool: Silpat Silicone Macaron Mat

8. No Bake Mini Matcha Cheesecakes

If you’re like most Singaporeans, you’re probably gaga over matcha! Try these No Bake Mini Matcha Oreo Cheesecakes – creamy and sweet, mini Matcha cheesecakes with an Oreo cookie base! Make these ahead of your party and take them out just a few minutes before serving for the ultimate dessert!

Recommended equipment: Nordic Ware 3-Piece Prep & Serve Mixing Bowl Set

LOCAL FOOD SPECIAL – 7 Classic Local Recipes to try in July!

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LOCAL FOOD SPECIAL – 7 Classic Local Recipes to try in July!

As Singapore celebrates our Annual Singapore Food Festival in July, why not join in this fiesta by recreating your childhood’s most-comforting food memories in your own kitchen with classic local recipes that will surely bring you on a nostalgic journey to the past!

Cook up a storm with favourites such as Kueh Dadar, Onde Onde, and all-time favourite Singapore Laksa. Take your pick from our list below and start whipping up these delights!

1. Kueh Dadar

A Sink your teeth in a local Peranakan delicacy made from pandan flavoured crepes with shredded Gula Melaka coconut filling.This sweet coconut stuffed pancake roll is usually served as a snack at tea time that goes wonderfully well with coffee or tea!

Recommended equipment: Nordic Ware Traditional French Steel Crepe Pan

2. Chicken Satay

Instead of heading to the Satay Club for your satay fix, learn how to make your own rendition of this Singapore classic right at home! Be the hero of the barbecue with these dangerously addictive sweet and sticky satay skewers! These flavourful morsels of chicken are marinated in a blend of spices overnight, allowing the meat to absorb all the flavours before hitting the grill. Served with a homemade delicious peanut dipping sauce, trust us when we say you won’t be able to stop at one!

Recommended equipment: Cuisinart Griddler®

3. Pisang Goreng

Pisang Goreng (banana fritter) is a beloved local snack that is gettingmore difficult to find these days! Make your own sweet bananas cookedtill tender and coated with a delicate crispy batter makes for theperfect tea time snack!

Recommended equipment: Ibili Inducta Ceramic Frying Pans, Set of 2

4. Wanton Noodles with Char Siew

A firm favourite with local diners, some prize the texture of thewantons over the texture of the noodles, while the soup and condimentsmake or break the dish for others.
With this recipe, you can cook the noodles’ texture till your likingand add as much or little condiments as you like. Enjoy a delicious bowlof Wanton Noodles served with dark soya sauce, topped with wanton andbarbecued char siew in the comfort of your own home!

Recommended equipment: Zebra Sauce Pan with Glass Lid & Frying Basket

5. Siew Mai with Scallops

Along with Har Gow (crystal shrimp dumplings), Siew Mai (Chinese pork and shrimp dumplings) are a dim sum classic. Though it has Cantonese origins, Siew Mais are a perennial local favourite when diners head to dim sum restaurants.
Learn to make these little treasures filled with pork and shrimp that are incredibly juicy and flavourful with Chef Trish Yee’s recipe!

Recommended equipment: Oval Chinese Bamboo Steaming Case

6. Chili Crab with Mantou

This is one that needs no introduction! An iconic local dish with aneggy, slightly sweet and tangy sauce, it is almost a must to enjoy withmantous. Traditionally served with steamed mantous, they are equallygood with deep-fried mantous as well.  Indulge this finger-licking goodlocal favourite dish with Chef Michele’s recipe for a home-cooked crabfiesta at home!

Recommended equipment: Zebra Chinese Wok with Lid

7. Traditional Sliced Bak Kwa

Best described as ‘Chinese Pork Jerky’, this is probably the mostindulgent dish on the list! Commonly seen during Chinese New Year, theseaddictive sliced meats are easier to make that you think – bookmarkthis for Chinese New Year and you won’t have to brave the long queuesfor store-bought Bak Kwa!

Recommended equipment: Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator

Stretch your dollar with ToTT this GSS! Enjoy 50% off selected products, 10% off STOREWIDE* and more! Shop for all your essential cook, bake, and host ware at irresistible prices – only from 9 June – 13 Aug! T&Cs apply.

For the month of July only, shop exclusive Purchase with Purchase deals in-store with a min. spending of $100, $300 and $500!

10% off storewide only applicable for Citi Credit Cardmembers from 9 – 30 June & 1 – 13 Aug.

Hungry for more local delights and Peranakan kuehs? Then be sure to check out the upcoming Kueh Appreciation Day only at ToTT @ Dunearn on 23 July!

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy traditional kueh (the Malay word for cake) from nine local kueh artisans from different ethnic groups – Eurasian, Hainanese, Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka, Peranakan, and Malay – that are stalwarts in the trade; as well as watch live demonstrations of rarely-seen creations.

Find out more here!

School Holiday Special: 6 classes & recipes to try with your kids this June!

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School Holiday Special: 6 classes & recipes to try with your kids this June!

School’s out! Wondering where to bring your kids this June holidays? Check out our list of fun activities and recipes to try with junior!

Baking is a wonderful way to spark a lifelong love of the kitchen in your children. It teaches them about the processes of cooking: following a recipe, measuring, combining ingredients and baking them in the oven to create scrumptious treats. It’s fun, engaging and more than often, the results are delicious! Here are our suggestions for baking with kids:

1. ToTT Junior MasterChef Classes

Put your young chefs to work at the ToTT Junior MasterChef Classes! In just two hours, junior will learn to cook or bake from scratch under the guidance of our professional ToTT Chef Instructors. Cook up a storm with them and bring home your very own handmade treats! Classes include Burger Cupcakes, Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes, Artisan Cream Cheese Cake in Cups!

Sign up now:

2. Bake&Go Parties

30 minutes is all you need for a bag of freshly made yummy cookies designed and baked by you. For $14.50nett, you can purchase a tin of cookie dough or a batch of cupcake batter. Standard toppings of chocolate chips and ground peanuts come with the price!

Celebrating a birthday? Go for the Bake&Go Birthday Party Package that includes goodie bags, drinks, and a party platter for the kids! *Minimum of 6pax required for both ala-carte and party packages.

When it comes to baking, there’s a job for every set of hands in the kitchen — even the littlest ones. Test these recipes out during your next weekend at home with the whole family.

3. Quick Bites! – Egg Toast Cups

These delicious all-in-one breakfast muffins make for a great grab-and-go breakfast and require just one muffin tin to create perfect single-serving portions.
Have fun flattening the bread with a rolling pin and feel free to swap any of the ingredients for your own favourite

4. Rainbow Cake in a Jar

Make these cute Rainbow Cake in a Jar from scratch with Chef Jehanne’s recipe! The recipe is simple enough for kids to follow alongside with your guidance, and the end results speak for themselves!

6. Quick Bites! – Nutella Skillet Cookie

Buttery chocolate chip cookie dough, baked in a skillet, with a thick layer of Nutella hidden in the middle. Once baked, you’ll end up with a golden brown cookie with crisp edges, a slightly under cooked middle, and Nutella oozing everywhere!
Task your kids with the job of mixing the ingredients (you can take over if they get tired!) and spreading the dough onto the skillet. Feel free to add in their favourite toppings – think M&Ms, mini marshmallows and more! Once baked, gather everyone and dig straight right into the skillet!

8 Simple & Delicious Treats to Ring in the Year of the Rooster

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8 Simple & Delicious Treats to Ring in the Year of the Rooster

We’ve put together a roundup of 8 simple and delicious treats to ring in the Year of the Rooster! From appetisers to desserts, we’ve got you covered on most of the ideas that you’ll need to put together a festive Chinese New Year’s feast for friends and family.

1. Fried Five Spice Pork Rolls (Hokkien Ngoh Hiang)

Ngoh Hiang (五香), also known as five-spice meat roll, is a common favourite during the Chinese New Year. This Hokkien version by Chef Julie is mouth-wateringly addictive – serve it hot with chilli sauce and your guests will be reaching for seconds!

Recommended equipment: Zebra Chinese Wok with Lid  & Steamer (5 ply)

2. Golden Sesame Prawns
The perfect starter for any meal, this dish of Golden Sesame Prawns is crisp on the outside, yet soft and juicy on the inside. The sweet and fresh prawns encased in a golden delicious coat of breadcrumbs will be a favourite among kids and adults alike! These delicious treats only take less than 30minutes to prepare – perfect for last minute get-togethers!

Recommended equipment: Ibili VITAL Aluminium Non-stick Round Fry Pan with Basket

3. Thai Style Chicken Wings
A perfect balance of sweet, salty with hint of spice — these Thai Style Chicken Wings are the perfect appetizers for a party!

Recommended equipment: Lava Cast Iron Rectangular Griddle/Grill

Get the recipe here.

4. Nonya Crispy Kueh Bulu

Kueh Bulu, a fluffy egg cake with a slightly crusty layer; also known as Asian Madeleines. Bake this delicate Nonya Kueh Bulu for the perfect Chinese New Year snack!

Recommended equipment: Magisso Balloon Whisk, Cuisinart Convection Oven

5. Pineapple Tarts
These treats require no introduction. A must-have at many homes during Chinese New Year, Pineapple Tarts are buttery, sweet, slightly tangy and oh-so-addictive! Some folks like them ‘open-faced’, while some prefer them closed, like little pillows of pineapple goodness. Try this simple recipe by Chef Vivian Pei this year to share with friends and family – you won’t be disappointed!

Recommended equipment: Microplane 4-Sided Box Grater, Safico PRO Silicone Baking Mat

6. Apricot Almond Cookies
Serve these easy-to-make Apricot Almond Cookies to your guests when they visit – they’re sweet, crunchy and absolutely delish! Swap out the almonds for cashews or even macadamia nuts if you’d like!

Recommended equipment: Flour Sieve with Hand Press,  Safico PRO Silicone Baking Mat

7. Prawn Otah Otah
Traditionally made from mackerel, Otak Otak is a grilled fish cake dish popular across South-East Asia. This recipe puts a twist on the familiar favourite by using prawns instead of fish, but is just as delicious as the original.

Recommended equipment: Lacor Non-stick Square Grill Pan with Insulated Handle

8. Chinese-Thai Style Fruit Yu Sheng
Impress your guests with a flavourful and colourful twist to the Yu Sheng. Throw in the prosperous “旺来” (pineapple), and auspicious “大吉大利” (oranges) for a refreshing mouthful!

Recommended equipment: Benriner Turning Slicer, Westmark Dressing Shaker with Mixing Insert

Anniversary Special: 6 Light, Easy and Nutritious Recipes to try this October!

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Anniversary Special: 6 Light, Easy and Nutritious Recipes to try this October!

Made a resolution to start eating healthy earlier in the year? It’s never too late to start! We’ve put together a range of lighter choices for a guilt-free mealtime. Try out any of these inspirational healthy dishes, from delicious Brown Rice Salads to a luxurious Tofu Cheesecake!

1. Baked Organic Pumpkin Gnocchi

Indulge yourself in this tasty yet healthy organic pumpkin gnocchi without any guilt! Fun to make and delicious to eat, this homemade gnocchi combines pumpkin, tomatoes and toasted organic pumpkin seeds for added crunch and texture!

2. Healthy Yogurt Bark (Quick Bites video)

Stay cool with this light and refreshing frozen yogurt bark! With just the right mix of crunchy, barely sweet and slightly tangy, this frozen treat will have you snacking through-out that mid-day snack attack! For an extra boost of anti-oxidants, add raspberries or even wolfberries, or swap in your favourite nut and berry!

3. Vietnamese Spring Roll with Wagyu Beef

These Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Wagyu Beef are a refreshing appetizer for an Asian-inspired meal. Made with a chock-full of fresh vegetables and herbs, Vietnamese Spring Rolls are great for a healthier alternative to deep-fried spring rolls! The addition of succulent Joshu Wagyu beef will definitely add an explosion of flavor and juices to these delicious spring rolls. If you’re not a fan of beef, you can replace with fresh prawns instead – enjoy!

As ToTT celebrates its 6th Birthday this October, we hope to continue inspiring all to Cook, Bake and Host by organising conducting cooking classes that are centred around healthy eating! These include collaborating with various non-profit organizations including Singapore Cancer Society, Food Bank, and Food from the Heart.

In collaboration with Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), we are excited to organise and conduct a cooking class for the SCS Rehabilitation Centre Nutrition Programme. SCS Rehabilitation Centre clients (in the SCS ‘Specialised Rehabilitation Programme’ and ‘Next Step’) will learn how to prepare a nutritious three-course meal with ToTT Chef Instructor Michele Ow that is easy to prepare and packed with wholesome ingredients! Dishes include:

We are also happy to announce that in collaboration with Simply Her, our official media partner, ToTT will be organizing its first-ever bake off for a cause with Chef Mimi Wahadi! This bake off is open to public and encourages everyone to flour their surfaces, grease their tins, break their eggs and start baking artisanal cupcakes!

Half of these lovingly-baked cupcakes will be donated to Food from the Heart, a non-profit voluntary food distribution programme that channels surplus food to those in need.

We interviewed Chef Mimi and here’s what she had to say!

Q: Why did you decide to volunteer your services for this bake off?
A: Giving back to the society through baking has always been one of my life satisfaction.

Through this, I can share my love for baking, knowledge and techniques to baking enthusiasts who will in turn spread the love of baking to others, but at the same time do my part as a community who cares!

I hope and believe that this will raise more awareness for the community to do more for a good cause and cheer the underprivileged with these sweet treats!

Q: Why did you select these specific recipes for this class?

A: Simply because I love local food and ingredients!

As a Pastry Chef by profession, I love to create and improvise on recipes mixing western and eastern and turning them into fusion.

For the Chendol Talam Cupcake, I describe it as my local twist on the western cupcake! Instead of creamy frosting, I choose to frost the cupcake with a concoction of hoon kueh flour, pandan water and of course GULA MELAKA! I believe it resonates well with Asian tastebuds and those people who do not prefer to have creamy cake but just want a nice simple fuss free cupcake to go along with your kopi or teh! If you ask me to describe it in one sentence, it will be KUEH IN A CUPCAKE!

And the same goes for the teh tarik cupcake. I love the idea of turning our unique local drink into a cake. It is a out of the box recipe that uses the FRENCH technique to do up the mousseline frosting! Which Singaporean do not love their TEH TARIK?

Interested participants can sign up at:

For full range of our Anniversary Hands-On and Demo Classes, go to

6 Mouth-watering Recipes to try this Hari Raya Haji!

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6 Mouth-watering Recipes to try this Hari Raya Haji!

This September, discover the rich and delicious taste of Malay cuisine that is as diverse as it is tasty! Savour this rich cuisine that encompasses a wide variety of vegetables, meats, spices and other ingredients that are filled with wonderful flavours. Here are six of some of our favourite dishes that you can try at home this Hari Raya Haji!

1. Nasi Lemak with Homemade Ikan Bilis Cincalok Sambal

The fragrant Nasi Lemak is a favourite amongst many and often eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner! There is nothing quite as satisfying as a scrumptious plate of Nasi Lemak – the aromatic rice can even be eaten alone with sambal! Try Chef’s Eric version with homemade Ikan Bilis Cincalok and you’ll be grabbing for seconds!

2. Mee Rebus Deluxe

Also known as Mi Kuah, Mee Rebus is a noodle dish that consists of yellow egg noodles cooked in a spicy, slightly sweet curry-like gravy. Perfecting the sauce can be a challenge, so here is the secret! Chili paste and spice paste are fried till fragrant then combined with dried shrimps and peanuts. Ingredients for gravy are then mixed together and brought to boil. The noodles are blanched and covered in spoonfuls of sauce. You can adjust the spiciness according to your liking!

3. Ayam Rendang

Ayam Rendang is a popular Malay dish – a chicken stew with different spices and coconut milk that is full of flavour! Cook it low and slow for the spices to blend and for the chicken to become tender. Serve it with coconut rice or white rice – the gravy alone is enough to leave you wanting seconds!

4. Assam Fish Curry

Love spicy and sour food? This Assam Fish Curry is definitely a dish you have to try! It has plenty of flavour profiles – addictively spicy, sour, sweet and savoury. It’s also loaded with vegetables (think eggplants and tomatoes) and is so satisfying with rice! Unlike your usual curries, this Assam Fish Curry does not call for the use of coconut milk – so you don’t have to feel guilty about having an extra portion!

5. Pandan Custard Agar Agar

The perfect dessert to end heavy meal, this Pandan Custard Agar Agar is light, refreshing and can be kept in the fridge for days. The pandan paste adds a lovely fragrance and a hue of green to the agar agar! Agar is a gelatinous substance that produces a firmer texture than gelatine and sets relatively quickly at room temperature. Try this recipe by Chef Julie Yee for an agar agar that is delightfully smooth with a hint of pandan and coconut!

6. Buffalo Wings

Throwing a party? These easy-to-make hot Buffalo wings are crispy and flavourful – always yummy to snack on! Serve it with Blue Cheese Sauce for a mouth-watering appetizer. They only take half an hour to prepare and make for a great appetizer for any get-together!

Ready to start cooking? Shop from our wide range of kitchen tools and equipment now!

6 Recipes to Celebrate National Day with Singapore’s Favourite Food!

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6 Recipes to Celebrate National Day with Singapore’s Favourite Food!

If you’re like most Singaporeans, you will be celebrating National Day with food, friends and family. Food is long known to be an integral part of national identity. Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture and heritage has served up a myriad of delicious cuisines, with each having its own unique flavour, aroma and history.

This National Day, we bring you some of our favourite local food that you can easily recreate at home while watching the parade on TV. Let the celebrations and feasting begin!

1. Chilli Crab Sauce with Fresh Crab Meat

Quite possibly the most popular of all crab dishes, the Singapore Chilli Crab is luxurious and goes perfectly well with deep-fried mantous (buns). Slightly sweet, tangy and spicy, it is truly a local favourite! Chef Eric Low gives this traditional sauce a modern twist in this video – make this at home to satisfy that crab craving while watching the National Day Parade in the comfort of your own home!

Recommended equipment: Cuisinart Mini-Prep® Plus Processor, SousVide Supreme Demi

2. Homemade Kaya with Eggs and Toast

Have breakfast like a Singaporean with Homemade Kaya with Eggs and Toast! Kaya is a jam that’s made from eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves or extract. Arguably the nation’s favourite breakfast, it is commonly served sandwiched in between two slices of toasted bread, along with half-boiled eggs, and hot tea or coffee. Watch on for a quick and easy way to make your own Kaya in 30 minutes!

You didn’t think that we’d forget to show you how to make the perfect toast and soft boiled eggs, did you?

Recommended equipment: Magisso Balloon Whisk, Epicurean Wood FIbre Angled Turner

3. Hainanese Steamed Chicken

Though its origins are not from Singapore, the classic Hainanese Chicken Rice is undoubtedly synonymous with Singapore’s food identity! It’s almost impossible to go to a food court or hawker centre without finding a Hainanese Chicken Rice stall selling this popular dish. Try making it in the comfort of your own kitchen – you’ll be surprised at how convenient it is! The succulent, tender and tasty chicken will leave you wanting more – don’t forget to serve it with fluffy rice, chilli sauce and ginger! Get the recipe here.

Recommended equipment: Zebra Sauce Pan with Glass Lid, Zebra Chinese Wok with Lid & Steamer (5 Ply)

4. Traditional Mee Siam with Condiments

Mee Siam, which means “Siamese Noodle”, is a dish of vermicelli noodles in a spicy, tangy and slightly sweet light gravy. Again, this dish does not originate from Singapore but it definitely is one of the most popular hawker dishes here! It is usually served with salted soy beans, tau pok (dried bean curd), boiled egg and garnished with spring onions. Try making it at home this National Day! Get the recipe here.

Recommended equipment: Zebra Chinese Wok with Lid & Steamer (5 Ply), Westmark 6-Segnments Egg Cutter

5. Sambal Crayfish with Crispy Kang Kong

Sambal Chilli is a spicy condiment that is used in various local dishes including Hokkien Mee, Char Kway Teow, Stingray, and much more. This Sambal Chilli Crayfish with Crispy Kang Kong is the perfect dish for those who love their chillies! Kang Kong, also known as water spinach, is a popular local dish that is commonly served in many Zi-Char restaurants. In this recipe video, Chef Eric Low combines both Sambal Chilli Crayfish and Kang Kong into a deletctable dish in celebration of National Day!

Recommended equipment: Cuisinart Mini-Prep® Plus Processor, de Buyer AFFINITY Mini Sauce Pan, de Buyer AFFINITY Non-Stick Frying Pan

6. Ikan Bilis and Pepper Cookies

Forget your regular chocolate chip cookies this National Day, try Chef Audra Morrice’s Ikan Bilis Pepper Cookies instead! Also known as dried anchovies, the humble Ikan Bilis is a popular snack in Singapore. It can be commonly seen served as a condiment to the ever-popular Nasi Lemak. These savoury cookies uses deep fried Ikan Bilis to add a nice crunch, and the sharp cheddar cheese goes perfectly with the morsles of Ikan Bilis through-out the cookie! Get the recipe here.

Recommended equipment: Cuisinart Mini-Prep® Plus Processor, Ibili Tin-Plated Rectable Cookie Cutter, de buyer Black Steel Baking Tray with Oblique Edge

We hope these recipes will inspire you to cook up a storm at home to celebrate National Day in the comfort of your own home!

8 Delicious Recipes for a Home-cooked Mother’s Day

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8 Delicious Recipes for a Home-cooked Mother’s Day

Attention everyone! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we have some tasty recipes to share with you for this special occasion. Surprise her with a leisurely breakfast in bed or a family brunch around the table, you’ll delight her with these homemade sweet and savoury dishes we have put together for you that are low on stress yet bursting with fresh ingredients and flavours! It’s time to show Mom just how much she means to you this Mother’s Day!

Breakfasts fit for a Queen

1. Shakshuka

For breakfast with a twist and some spice, try your hand at Shakshuka, a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin. Watch Victoria Cheng show you how in this video!:

Recommended cookware: de Buyer MINERAL Frying Pan

2. Mini Pancakes

This one is great to do with the kids! Prepare the batter in advance and have fun doodling pancake art with the kids in the morning before Mom wakes up! Serve the warm pancakes with different sauces and condiments – keep it simple with chocolate/maple syrup, butter or for the adventurous, why not make your own fruit jam from scratch! Food blogger Catherine Ling (Camemberu) shows you the basics of making these mini pancakes here:

Recommended cookware: Nordic Ware Traditional French Steel Crepe Pan

Lunch packed with a punch

1. Smoked Salmon Tart

Thinking of heading out for a family picnic as part of your Mother’s Day celebration? This hearty Smoked Salmon Tart is not only portable for picnics – any leftovers would be great for weekday lunch boxes too! The sour cream pastry adds a twist to regular shortcrust pastry and goes perfectly well with the smoked salmon encased in the tart! Serve this with a side salad and you’ll have one hearty lunch that Mom will love! What side salad, you say? Read on for our next recipe! Get the recipe here!

Recommended bakeware: Nordic Ware Pro Form Quiche/Tart Pan

2. Poached Pears with Parma Ham, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese & Rocket Leaves

Now this is one salad that might steal the show. A great starter or side dish to complement your lunch, this dish is a lovely medley of flavours! The poached pears bring a subtle refreshing flavour when paired with the salty parma ham, and the rocket leaves brings all the components of the dish together perfectly. Get the recipe here!

Recommended tool: Microplane Artisan Series Ribbon Grater

All-star Dinners

1. Stuffed SousVide Boneless Chicken Leg

Try this Stuffed SousVide Boneless Chicken Leg for a unique and luxurious main dish to impress Mom! Stuffed with foie gras and caramelized apples, it is a great combination with the tender chicken. The bacon cuts through the sweetness of the caramelised apples, adding an extra layer of flavour and complexity to the dish! Save prep time by marinating the chicken leg overnight – use a vacuum pack machine to seal the chicken leg to lock all the flavours in! Get the recipe here!

Recommended equipment: SousVide Supreme, Lacor HOME Vacuum Pack Machine

2. Roast Stuffed Lamb Shoulder – Mediterranean style

Now this dish is a real showstopper – roasted lamb shoulder rubbed with pesto and stuffed with olives, tomatoes and cheese, served with ratatouille and a side of potatoes! A delicious blend of flavours from the Mediterranean, this is one dish Mom would definitely remember for years to come! Watch this video for the recipe and preparation method:

Recommended cookware: Nordic Ware Oven Essentials Roaster

Stunning Desserts

1. Rice Pudding with Raspberry Jelly

An elegant dessert that will surely please all at the dining table! Use glass jars to showcase the lovely layers of rice pudding and jelly. To really take things up a notch, decorate with a dollop of Chantilly and fresh raspberries – the perfect light and sweet ending to your home-cooked Mother’s Day meal!
Get the recipe here!

Recommended kitchenware: Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrines Preserve Jar

2. Upside-Down Butter and Caramelised Apple Cake

Usually baked with chopped fruits sitting at the bottom of the pan, the upside-down cake is then turned over so that they form a decorative topping once the cake is inverted! Instead of going for regular apple pie, try this Upside-Down butter and Caramelised Apple Cake for a twist! Get the recipe here!

Recommended equipment: KitchenAid Artisan® Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

We hope these recipes have inspired you for your Mother’s Day celebrations! If you’d like to cook with Mom instead for a change, be sure to check out our range of Mother’s Day cooking classes that we have prepared for this special occasion!

Mother’s Day classes can be found here!