8 Simple & Delicious Treats to Ring in the Year of the Rooster

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8 Simple & Delicious Treats to Ring in the Year of the Rooster

We’ve put together a roundup of 8 simple and delicious treats to ring in the Year of the Rooster! From appetisers to desserts, we’ve got you covered on most of the ideas that you’ll need to put together a festive Chinese New Year’s feast for friends and family.

1. Fried Five Spice Pork Rolls (Hokkien Ngoh Hiang)

Ngoh Hiang (五香), also known as five-spice meat roll, is a common favourite during the Chinese New Year. This Hokkien version by Chef Julie is mouth-wateringly addictive – serve it hot with chilli sauce and your guests will be reaching for seconds!

Recommended equipment: Zebra Chinese Wok with Lid  & Steamer (5 ply)

2. Golden Sesame Prawns
The perfect starter for any meal, this dish of Golden Sesame Prawns is crisp on the outside, yet soft and juicy on the inside. The sweet and fresh prawns encased in a golden delicious coat of breadcrumbs will be a favourite among kids and adults alike! These delicious treats only take less than 30minutes to prepare – perfect for last minute get-togethers!

Recommended equipment: Ibili VITAL Aluminium Non-stick Round Fry Pan with Basket

3. Thai Style Chicken Wings
A perfect balance of sweet, salty with hint of spice — these Thai Style Chicken Wings are the perfect appetizers for a party!

Recommended equipment: Lava Cast Iron Rectangular Griddle/Grill

Get the recipe here.

4. Nonya Crispy Kueh Bulu

Kueh Bulu, a fluffy egg cake with a slightly crusty layer; also known as Asian Madeleines. Bake this delicate Nonya Kueh Bulu for the perfect Chinese New Year snack!

Recommended equipment: Magisso Balloon Whisk, Cuisinart Convection Oven

5. Pineapple Tarts
These treats require no introduction. A must-have at many homes during Chinese New Year, Pineapple Tarts are buttery, sweet, slightly tangy and oh-so-addictive! Some folks like them ‘open-faced’, while some prefer them closed, like little pillows of pineapple goodness. Try this simple recipe by Chef Vivian Pei this year to share with friends and family – you won’t be disappointed!

Recommended equipment: Microplane 4-Sided Box Grater, Safico PRO Silicone Baking Mat

6. Apricot Almond Cookies
Serve these easy-to-make Apricot Almond Cookies to your guests when they visit – they’re sweet, crunchy and absolutely delish! Swap out the almonds for cashews or even macadamia nuts if you’d like!

Recommended equipment: Flour Sieve with Hand Press,  Safico PRO Silicone Baking Mat

7. Prawn Otah Otah
Traditionally made from mackerel, Otak Otak is a grilled fish cake dish popular across South-East Asia. This recipe puts a twist on the familiar favourite by using prawns instead of fish, but is just as delicious as the original.

Recommended equipment: Lacor Non-stick Square Grill Pan with Insulated Handle

8. Chinese-Thai Style Fruit Yu Sheng
Impress your guests with a flavourful and colourful twist to the Yu Sheng. Throw in the prosperous “旺来” (pineapple), and auspicious “大吉大利” (oranges) for a refreshing mouthful!

Recommended equipment: Benriner Turning Slicer, Westmark Dressing Shaker with Mixing Insert