Guest Chefs

Audra Morrice

Audra Morrice is a cook and a mother, best known as the finalist in MasterChef 2012 who produced some the most consistent and amazing dishes on the show. Acknowledge for her ability to both cook and bake, she was a favourite in this series of MasterChef.

Eric Low

With formal basic Western culinary training from SHATEC and post-graduate education in kitchen management and wine & food pairing from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Napa Valley, Eric has carved a career of more than 20 years in the food industry.

ToTT Chef-Instructors

Charlynn Gwee

Pastry Chef Charlynn Gwee is an enterprising chef who decided to pursue her love and passion for baking right after graduating with a Business degree.

Charmie Tan

Charmie is certified by Global Flower Design Association (G.F.D.A.), Korea as the Professional Instructor of Beanpaste Flower Cake Design and Knife Art Flower.

Chris Ng

Chris’ style of cooking is a reflection of his East and West experiences. After spending his formative years in Singapore, he lived in the U.K and ate his way across Europe. His exposure to traditional and modern European food forms the foundation for producing food that warms the heart and soul.

Claire Marie Chang

Claire has been a huge foodie since young. As a child, she would tip toe and check out what people were enjoying on their tables. During her teenage years, her mum introduced her to Mrs Field’s cookies.

Darryl Lim

With over a decade of industry experience, Chef Darryl Lim is a big player in the F&B scene in Singapore.

Francois Mermilliod

Francois Mermilliod has been in the cooking industry for more than 25 years. Born and raised in South of France, He started his culinary path at 14 years of age where he started work during his free time in the small town’s only restaurant.

Jason Tan

Jason Tan grew up in a small town called Tanjung Karang in Kuala Selangor, Malaysia. During his childhood, he was spoiled with the freshest seafood and local produce. In his teens, he moved to New Zealand to study. 

Julie Yee

Julie spent much of her childhood helping her Nonya grandmother make Nonya pastries for sale and also cooking for her big family on weekends.

Lin Weixian

Chef Lin Weixian graduated with a Diploma in Pastry and Bakery from At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy in 2010, and decided to re-evaluate his original plans of assisting with the family business in order to pursue his passion in pastry arts.

Michele Ow

Chef Michele has loved food her entire life. She started baking and cooking at age of 14 years old when she moved to Australia.

Phay Shing Tan

With a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Phay Shing’s experiments did not end when she left the lab. A stay-home mum, she continues to conduct experiments of a different kind in her home kitchen, where she bakes creative macarons, cookies, chiffon cakes, breads and steamed buns.

Philia Ng

Philia has a special liking for baking since young. At a tender age, she would frequent bakeries to try out all their items and her favorite item is butter cake. She believes baking a good butter cake not only requires good ingredients.

Shih Erh Low

Some of us were “born to eat” but Chef Low was “born to cook”. Well, almost literally since this chef was already helping out in her family’s Yellow Light Thai Food restaurant at the tender age of 6. She developed her ability to cook extraordinary Southern Thai dishes from her Thai born mother cum chef and a grand aunt who prepared dishes for the Thai Royal Family.

Susanne Despature

As a small child, Susanne fell into the cauldron in her grandmother’s kitchen in Switzerland and has been passionate about cooking ever since.

Trish Yee

Chef Trish developed her passion for cooking since the age of 14. At a tender age, she has attended many cooking classes to expand her culinary knowledge and hone her skills.