Golden Sesame Prawns

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Golden Sesame Prawns

by Lam Soon

The perfect starter for any meal, this dish of Golden Sesame Prawns is crisp on the outside, yet soft and juicy on the inside. The sweet and fresh prawns encased in a golden delicious coat will be a favourite among kids and adults alike!

Cuisine : Asian Course : Main Skill Level : Novice
Prep : 20 mins Cook : 8 mins Ready in : 28 mins Serves : 8


    • 16 Prawns (about 600g)
    • 50g White Sesame Seeds
    • 30g Water Chestnut (chopped)
    • Some Coriander (chopped)
    • 100g Bread Crumbs
    • 1 Egg
    • 6 cups of Knife Cooking Oil


    • 1 tbsp of Egg White
    • ½ tsp of Salt
    • 1 tsp of Sesame Oil


  1. Remove the shells of 8 prawns, but keep the tails intact. Cut a slit at the back and remove the veins. Rinse well.
  2. Remove the shells and tails at the remaining prawns and smash finely with a knife. Combine well with water chestnut and coriander. Continue to chop the mixture well until it is sticky. Add Seasoning and mix well.
  3. Dab a little Knife Cooking Oil on your hands and roll prawn paste into balls. Wrap each prawn with a ball of prawn paste.
  4. Coat prawns with beaten egg. Mix well white sesame seeds and bread crumbs and use it for coating the prawns.
  5. Heat 6 cups of Knife Cooking oil to 160°C, deep fry prawns for about 10 seconds, turn down the heat and fry until prawns turn golden brown.
  6. Lastly turn up the heat and fry over high heat for about 15 seconds. Remove and drain well
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