Anniversary Special: 6 Light, Easy and Nutritious Recipes to try this October!

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Anniversary Special: 6 Light, Easy and Nutritious Recipes to try this October!

Made a resolution to start eating healthy earlier in the year? It’s never too late to start! We’ve put together a range of lighter choices for a guilt-free mealtime. Try out any of these inspirational healthy dishes, from delicious Brown Rice Salads to a luxurious Tofu Cheesecake!

1. Baked Organic Pumpkin Gnocchi

Indulge yourself in this tasty yet healthy organic pumpkin gnocchi without any guilt! Fun to make and delicious to eat, this homemade gnocchi combines pumpkin, tomatoes and toasted organic pumpkin seeds for added crunch and texture!

2. Healthy Yogurt Bark (Quick Bites video)

Stay cool with this light and refreshing frozen yogurt bark! With just the right mix of crunchy, barely sweet and slightly tangy, this frozen treat will have you snacking through-out that mid-day snack attack! For an extra boost of anti-oxidants, add raspberries or even wolfberries, or swap in your favourite nut and berry!

3. Vietnamese Spring Roll with Wagyu Beef

These Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Wagyu Beef are a refreshing appetizer for an Asian-inspired meal. Made with a chock-full of fresh vegetables and herbs, Vietnamese Spring Rolls are great for a healthier alternative to deep-fried spring rolls! The addition of succulent Joshu Wagyu beef will definitely add an explosion of flavor and juices to these delicious spring rolls. If you’re not a fan of beef, you can replace with fresh prawns instead – enjoy!

As ToTT celebrates its 6th Birthday this October, we hope to continue inspiring all to Cook, Bake and Host by organising conducting cooking classes that are centred around healthy eating! These include collaborating with various non-profit organizations including Singapore Cancer Society, Food Bank, and Food from the Heart.

In collaboration with Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), we are excited to organise and conduct a cooking class for the SCS Rehabilitation Centre Nutrition Programme. SCS Rehabilitation Centre clients (in the SCS ‘Specialised Rehabilitation Programme’ and ‘Next Step’) will learn how to prepare a nutritious three-course meal with ToTT Chef Instructor Michele Ow that is easy to prepare and packed with wholesome ingredients! Dishes include:

We are also happy to announce that in collaboration with Simply Her, our official media partner, ToTT will be organizing its first-ever bake off for a cause with Chef Mimi Wahadi! This bake off is open to public and encourages everyone to flour their surfaces, grease their tins, break their eggs and start baking artisanal cupcakes!

Half of these lovingly-baked cupcakes will be donated to Food from the Heart, a non-profit voluntary food distribution programme that channels surplus food to those in need.

We interviewed Chef Mimi and here’s what she had to say!

Q: Why did you decide to volunteer your services for this bake off?
A: Giving back to the society through baking has always been one of my life satisfaction.

Through this, I can share my love for baking, knowledge and techniques to baking enthusiasts who will in turn spread the love of baking to others, but at the same time do my part as a community who cares!

I hope and believe that this will raise more awareness for the community to do more for a good cause and cheer the underprivileged with these sweet treats!

Q: Why did you select these specific recipes for this class?

A: Simply because I love local food and ingredients!

As a Pastry Chef by profession, I love to create and improvise on recipes mixing western and eastern and turning them into fusion.

For the Chendol Talam Cupcake, I describe it as my local twist on the western cupcake! Instead of creamy frosting, I choose to frost the cupcake with a concoction of hoon kueh flour, pandan water and of course GULA MELAKA! I believe it resonates well with Asian tastebuds and those people who do not prefer to have creamy cake but just want a nice simple fuss free cupcake to go along with your kopi or teh! If you ask me to describe it in one sentence, it will be KUEH IN A CUPCAKE!

And the same goes for the teh tarik cupcake. I love the idea of turning our unique local drink into a cake. It is a out of the box recipe that uses the FRENCH technique to do up the mousseline frosting! Which Singaporean do not love their TEH TARIK?

Interested participants can sign up at:

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