Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen this CNY

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Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen this CNY

With Chinese New Year just around the corner once again, we’ve come up with a handy guide to spring cleaning your kitchen! Delve into our tips and tricks to ditch the dirt, leaving your kitchen spick and span, just in time to start the Chinese New Year festivities!

Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Get ready!
Don’t create any unnecessary stress for yourself! Here are some tips you can use to make your spring cleaning a tad more enjoyable:

• Put on some good tunes
• Do dishes, dry and put away
• Remove any non-kitchen clutter
• Set up large box or bag for items to trash
• Set up large box or bag for items to donate

Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Grab all of your cleaning supplies together!
Never underestimate the value of preparation! Having all your supplies within reach will help you to clean up your kitchen faster and more efficiently once you get started. Here’s what we like to always have on hand when the holidays are around the corner; these will come in handy when the festivities are in full swing and you don’t have time to run to the supermarket! Here are some supplies that we think will come in handy:

Cleaning Supplies: Town Talk Washing Up Liquid, If You Care Sponge Cloths & Food Waste Compostable Trash Bags

Don’t forget your arsenal of basic pantry needs too! We like the Salt & Pepper Mills from Cole & Mason for its style and functionality. Grab these from our online store if you’re feeling lazy – enjoy free shipping for orders above $150!

Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Give your pots and pans a good scrub-down
Scrub cast iron cookware with a soft sponge and coarse salt, then rinse away the salt. For stubborn stains, try removing them with a cloth and white vinegar. Tip: Never soak stainless steel cookware as their surfaces might become pitted!
Looking to refresh your cookware for the coming year? Here are some useful guides to get you started:

Tips and Tricks to Buying Cookware
Quick & Easy Guide to Buying Aluminium Cookware
Taking Care of Your Carbon Steel Cookware

Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Have your knives professionally sharpened
A set of good knives is the start of a great dish. Not only will sharp knives make your prep work easier, but they’ll make it safer as well! Invest in a durable knife sharpener and your knives will be with you for years to come. We like the Jamie Oliver Knife Block with 5 Knives that includes a carving knife, utility knife, paring knife and more!

Spring Cleaning Tip #5: Put everything in its place
A brand new year calls for new resolutions. Made a promise to yourself to clean up your diet for 2016? Stocking your kitchen with healthier choices is the first step to healthy eating. To ensure your healthy eating habits stick around and to encourage clean eating, it’s important to put some thought into the way you store your foods. From the pantry all the way to your fridge, place nutritious foods at eye level, front and centre, and put the sinful stuff at the back. You might be less tempted to snack! Remember to arrange your storage areas in a manner that encourages you to reach for them will be a kick-start to a healthy new year!

Spring Cleaning Tip #6: Clean your cutting boards
No kitchen can do without a reliable cutting board. Many people usually have a particular preference, such as wood or plastic. Whichever you prefer, always take steps to ensure that your cutting board lasts a long time and is safe from any food-borne bacteria. Whenever your cutting board is dirty, clean both sides with a damp cloth and a mild antibacterial soap. Rinse it with hot water, and wipe it clean with a clean cloth. Finally, let it try in an upright position.
Wooden cutting boards require more attention – give it a generous sprinkling of coarse salt once every few weeks, and rub it with a slice of lemon. Finish by rinsing well with hot water, then wipe it with a clean cloth.

Here’s a handy guide if you are looking at purchasing a new cutting board!

We hope you find these tips helpful in cleaning up your kitchen!

12 Showstopping Christmas Goodies!

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12 Showstopping Christmas Goodies!

On the first day of Christmas, ToTT gave to me… 12 amazing Christmas recipes!

You sang that in your head didn’t you? Inspired by the classic carol, ToTT brings you a showstopper for all 12 days of the festive season. Make all of them if you’re up for a challenge. Let’s get started!

Day 1: Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Christmas is the perfect excuse to flex your baking muscles even if you’re a little rusty. Kick off the 12 days with these simple and homely Vanilla Sugar Cookies by McCormick. Gift them in individual bags or keep them to yourself! They’re delicious either way, especially when dipped in a glass of cold milk.

Recommended tools:
Artisan® Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
Holiday Cast Cookie Stamps

Day 2: Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

Topped with a light and fluffy vanilla marshmallow frosting and dusted with cocoa, your Mini Chocolate Cupcakes will look like little snowcapped peaks!

Recommended tools:
Cake Deco Set with 6 Tubes, Coupler & Pastry Bag

Day 3: Champurrado (Mexican Hot Chocolate)

Take a break from the baking today and whisk yourself a toasty mug Champurrado, or Mexican Hot Chocolate. We love this version for its subtle spice and richness.

Recommended tools:
CHOC INDUCTION Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Saucepan with Spout

Day 4: Mocha Roulade

What’s Christmas without log cake? We love Chef Jehanne Ali’s Mocha Roulade and reckon it’d make a wonderfully light base for any log cake. Get your chocolate and caffeine fix here.

Recommended tools:
Magisso Balloon Whisk

Day 5: Almond Tartlettes

It’s time to bust out the fancy desserts. These nutty, rich and crunchy tartlettes are perfect for any dessert table – learn the basic tartlette shell and be as creative as you want with the flavours. We like a spiced pear or brandied cherry topping for this season.

Recommended tools:
Ibili MINI Non-Stick Fruit Tart Mould with Removable Base

Day 6: Gingerbread Cookies

Great for DIY projects with the kids, gingerbread men are a Christmas staple all over the world. Most importantly, they only take 30 mins from start to finish! Make your own with this recipe and decorate them to your heart’s desire.

Recommended Tools:
Nordic Ware Winter & Holiday Cookie Cutter Plaque

Day 7: Roast Pork Loin with Apple Chutney

Give your sweet tooth a rest with this savoury stunner and sink your teeth into tender stuffed pork loin with a spiced apple chutney. This dish is sure to impress! Check out Chef Eric Low’s recipe here.

Recommended tools:
Jamie Oliver Terracotta Baking Dish

Day 8: Classic Waffles

If you’re feeling burnt out by now, fret not. Get a pre-made waffle mix from the supermarket and simply add a dollop of good ‘ol vanilla ice-cream. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even try our recipe for classic waffles. Even better, make your own ice cream or gelato to go along with your warm waffles, we promise they’re worth the effort!

Recommended tools:
Cuisinart Traditional Waffle Maker
Cuisinart Ice Cream And Gelato Maker

Day 9: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart with Port Jelly

By now, your Christmas parties should be in full swing. Serve up this gorgeous Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart with Port Jelly at dinner and let the compliments roll in. You deserve it!

Recommended Tools:
Nordic Ware Pro Form Quiche/Tart Pan

Day 10: Cioccolata Calda

Yes, another hot chocolate! This Italian take is unrivalled in its decadence and richness, and is certainly not for the fainthearted. Warning: only attempt if you’re a true chocolate lover.

Recommended tools:
Jamie Oliver Colour-Dipped Mugs with Spoons, Set of 4

Day 11: Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake

The sight of this cake could make us cry tears of joy. The best thing about it? This black beauty is so easy to make! Top the finished cake with a melted chocolate drizzle and fresh strawberries, then stand back and watch your guests salivate.

Recommended tools:
Nordic Ware PLATINUM Heritage Bundt Pan
Magisso Cake Server

Day 12: Roasted Herbed Chicken and Garlic Potatoes with Thyme

Celebrate the season of giving with this final masterpiece. Christmas is meant to be spent with family, and this dish is perfect for a shared evening with your loved ones.

Recommended tools:
Zyliss Baster/Flavour Injector Combo

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 12 Days of Showstopping Christmas Goodies! If you liked these recipes, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for great tips and guides all year round. Merry Christmas!

5 Fun Ways to Spice Up Christmas!

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5 Fun Ways to Spice Up Christmas!

If you’re looking to spice things up in the kitchen this Christmas, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together a go-to guide on how to turn everyday ingredients, spices and herbs into different festive goodies! Here’s how to experience a delicious holiday season.

Read on to find out more. Happy Holidays!

1. Festive Spice Rub
A great spice rub for pork, chicken or salmon! Simply blend 4 parts sea salt with 2 parts of dried cracked rosemary until the mixture is fairly ground. Add 2 parts minced garlic and 1 part coarse ground black pepper until the spice rub is well-blended and you’re done!
Use a pestle and mortar if you can to allow the herbs to fully release and bring out its aroma and flavour! If you don’t have dried cracked rosemary, simply put dried rosemary into a disposable bag and pound it with a rolling pin until the dried rosemary breaks apart!

Recommended tools:
Cole & Mason Ceramic Pestle & Mortar
Cole & Mason INVERTA Flip Back Acrylic Pepper And Salt Mill

2. Spice Mixes for Baking
Prepare a batch of aromatic spice mix for baking cookies and pies, or store them in little glass containers as Christmas gifts for friends and family.

All you need is cinnamon (1 tbsp), nutmeg (1 tsp), ground ginger (1/2 tsp), allspice (1/4 tsp) and cloves (1/4 tsp). Simply grind these whole spices in  a spice grinder, give it a little shake-up with a whisk and you’re all set.

Try adding a dash of it into your apple pie filling before baking – the aroma alone adds an instant festive touch to your Christmas dessert table!

Recommended products:
Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder
Magisso Balloon Whisk
Jamie Oliver Pop-Top Spice Jars, Set of 5

3. Sugar? Yes, please!
Flavoured sugar is all the rage now – they are great as Christmas gifts, and add an instant burst of flavour to your culinary creations. Here’s two to get you started:

Lemon & Mint Sugar
What you need: Rind of 1 lemon, handful of fresh mint leaves, ¼ cup granulated sugar
1. Microwave the lemon rind and mint leaves separately until completely dry (make sure not to burn it!)
2. Finely chop the lemon rind and mint leaves
3. Add sugar and process till very finely ground

Basil & Lime Sugar
What you need: Rind of 1 lime, handful of basil leaves, ¼ cup granulated sugar
1. Microwave the lime rind and basil leaves until completely dry (make sure not to burn it!)
2. Finely chop the lime rind and basil leaves
2. Add sugar and process till very finely ground

Feel free to mix and match your favourite herb and fruit – strawberry and basil, peach and mint… the possibilities are endless!

Recommended tools:
Zyliss Fast Cut Herb Tool
Cuisinart Mini-Prep® Plus Processor

4. Fancy Flavours – DIY Herb-infused Olive Oil
Herb-infused olive oil is a perfect way to jazz up a salad, drizzle over a plate of pasta, or as an appetizer served with slices of artisan bread! Instead of using store-bought herb-infused olive oil, try making it yourself! It’s simple and best of all – there are no added preservatives or additives! Here are some of our favourite flavour combinations:

Garlic & Chilli Olive Oil
What you need: 3 roasted whole garlic, red chilli flakes (4 tsp), 2 cups olive oil
1. Combine roasted garlic cloves, red chilli flakes and oil in a saucepan and bring to a low simmer
2. Allow to cool. Place garlic cloves into bottle and add remaining oil
3. Seal and refrigerate up to 1 month

Rosemary Olive Oil
What you need: 2 cups olive oil, 6-8 sprigs fresh rosemary sprigs
1. Combine oil and rosemary in a saucepan and bring to a low simmer.
2. Allow to cool. Place rosemary sprigs into bottle and add remaining oil
3. Seal and refrigerate up to 1 month

Recommended tools:
Jamie Oliver Serving Board and Bowl
Jamie Oliver Big Drizzler

5. Christmas Snowballs! 
A perfectly creamy chocolate truffle is your answer when it comes to satisfying that sweet tooth this festive season. Add a few cracks of black pepper to spice things up – you’d be surprised that the combination works really well! Here’s a handy dandy recipe:

What you need: 150g chopped good-quality dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids), 150ml heavy cream, 25g unsalted butter, cracked black pepper, toppings of your choice
1. Heat the cream and butter on low heat till fully melted. Remove from heat and pour over chopped chocolate. Leave it untouched for 5 minutes
2. Stir until smooth. Add a few cracks of black pepper – taste and adjust to your liking!
3. To shape your truffles, use a melon baller or a mini-scoop and scoop the mixture. Shape it with your hands and place onto silicone baking mat or greaseproof paper to prevent sticking.
4. Coat with powdered sugar, nuts or any toppings you desire!

The best thing about these truffles is that you can customize and personalize them however you like! We love the combination of chopped pistachios and dried cranberries!

Recommended tools:
Cole & Mason CRYSTAL Acrylic Pepper Mill
Giesser Melon Twin-Baller

ToTTful Christmas Gift Guide

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ToTTful Christmas Gift Guide

The holiday season is once again upon us.

Shop for gifts early at the ToTTful Christmas Sale to avoid the stress of last-minute shopping!

With more than 100 carefully selected kitchenware bundles going at up to 50% off, it’s easy to find the perfect gift.

Need help with your selection? Here are some of our favourites:

1. Nordic Ware Cake Pops Baking Pan and Meri Meri Santa Cake Pop Treat Kit (Bundle Price $60, U.P $85.75)

Ideal for baking enthusiasts, this exclusive bundle comes with Nordic Ware’s 2-piece pan and the adorable Meri Meri Cake Pop Treat Kit which includes 6 stand-up Santa cake pop holders.

2. Magisso Carafe + Mini Serving Cup, Set of 2 (Bundle Price $69, U.P $99.80)

You can never go wrong with a Red Dot Design Award winner! Made out of Magisso’s Naturally Cooling Ceramics, the Magisso Carafe and Mini Serving Cup keep your drinks cool for one to two hours. Simply soak the them in water for a minute or two before use.

3. Jamie Oliver Large Oven Dish (Yellow) + Wooden Salad Server + Single Oven Glove (Bundle Price $42, U.P $64.70)

Pretty yet practical, Jamie Oliver’s dining ware has won the hearts of home cooks everywhere. This bundle includes 3 items – a cheery and versatile Large Oven Dish (Yellow), a rustic Wooden Salad Server and a Single Oven Glove. You simply cannot beat this value, so grab a set for yourself while you’re at it

4. Nordic Ware Oven Essentials Roaster + Fold Up Roasting Rack (Now $64, U.P $90.80)

Like Mac and Cheese, these two roasting essentials by Nordic Ware are simply made for each other. Prepare a small roast in the Essentials Roaster while achieving the perfect crisp outside with the Fold up Roasting Rack. No more uneven roasts at the dinner table

5. Cole & Mason 6-Jar Herb & Spice Rack (now $36, U.P $51.90)

Chic and sleek, the Cole & Mason 6-Jar Herb & Spice Rack is ideal for the style-conscious home owner.  The spice jars are made of beautifully blown glass and chrome accents. The caps twist to close/open, pour or sprinkle spices.

6. Jamie Oliver Embossed Mug, Set of 4 + Embossed Serving Jug (Bundle Price $43.90, U.P $62.80)

The Jamie Oliver Embossed Mug and Jug bundle would make lovely additions to any home. White with accented handles, the collection adds a pop of colour to the dining table while retaining its understated charm. A great gift for new homeowners, or anybody who would like to give their dining ware collection and affordable facelift.

7. Jamie Oliver San Acrylic Jug + San Acrylic Goblet (Bundle Price $45. U.P $64.80)

The vintage inspired Jamie Oliver San Acrylic Jug and Goblet are dishwasher safe and shatterproof, making them awesome gifts for families with children and pets. Durable and easy to clean, the bundle is also great for serving up sodas at picnics and porches.

Shop our ToTTful Christmas Sale from 14 November – 27 December 2015 at both Dunearn and Suntec outlets!

6 Types Of Mooncakes To Match Your Personality!

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6 Types Of Mooncakes To Match Your Personality!

1. The Adventure Seeker

You like living life on the edge, and your tastes reflect that too. With such a variety of mooncakes in the market, bakeries have gotten pretty creative with their culinary innovations. Ice-cream mooncakes are a familiar favourite, while others with unique fillings like liusha or salted egg cream are not unheard of either. No mooncake filling is too unorthodox for the adventure seeker, and you find yourself trawling Mid-Autumn mooncake fairs for the mooncakes with the most exotic flavours you can uncover.

2. The Princess

You often lament about the number of calories in every mooncake, but your palate can’t resist the light flavours and velvety smoothness of the snowskin variety. First developed in Hong Kong, the snowskin mooncake has won the hearts of diet conscious women around the world who favour the light, fruity flavours of this modern iteration.

3. The Kid

Perhaps you never grew into liking mooncakes and find yourself craving for the pig-shaped pastry you used to get as a kid. Known for their appearance rather than taste, the store-bought biscuits resemble little suckling pigs and contain bean paste fillings. Wrapped in their individual red plastic baskets, these mooncakes are sure to send you on a trip down memory lane.

4. The Patisseur

The Patisseur isn’t satisfied with the density of traditional mooncake pastry and much prefers the crisp, heavenly outsides of flaky skin mooncakes. Inspired by the Suzhou style of mooncake, these pastries are highly popular and are easily available. Whether they’re up to your standards though, is an entirely different issue.

5. The Gourmand

The gourmand isn’t so easily satisfied with typical mooncake offerings and would pay extra dollars for the premium variety. You splurge on mooncakes from hotels and feel a surge of excitement when your fingers graze the foil stickers or each individually wrapped mooncake. You convince yourself it’s all worth it when you sink your teeth into a snowskin mooncake oozing dark chocolate and liquor, despite the fact that each bite probably cost you $6.

6. The Traditionalist

Your ideal mooncake is a single lotus mooncake, sliced into eight perfect wedges. Mid-Autumn festival is about family, and with the children fighting over the salted egg yolk, you know you need nothing more.

Which category of the above do you belong to? Whether or not you feel if none (or all!) of the above suit you, you are bound to find a mooncake that will tickle your fancy at Chef Julie Yee’s Bake Your Own Mooncakes Class at ToTT! The hands-on class will take you through the steps of baking your very own mooncakes under the guidance of Chef Julie. Expect to learn traditional and gourmet mooncakes such as Japanese Style Parmesan Cheese Buttery Pastry with Green Tea Mung Bean & Red Bean, Yam Snow Skin Filling with Yam Paste and more!

Click HERE to sign up for the Bundle Deal!

Seeing Red this National Day

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Seeing Red this National Day

Get in the mood for National Day with these red hot picks from ToTT that are sure to brighten up any kitchen!

1. KitchenAid Artisan® Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in Empire Red

Make your favourite cakes and multiple batches of cookie dough easily with the 5-quart/4.8 Litre stainless steel mixing bowl that comes with a comfortable handle. With 10 speeds, the stand mixer will quickly become your kitchen’s culinary centre as you mix, knead and whip ingredients with ease. And for even more versatility, the power hub fits optional attachments from food grinders to pasta makers and more.

2. Microplane Cube Grater in Red

The Cube Grater by Microplane has three convenient blade styles- fine, ribbon and coarse. Makes preparing your favourite dish easy as pie! The Cube Grater’s dual-purpose catch feature can also be used as a measuring device and a protective cover.

3. Quench Martini Master in Red

Whether you like your Martinis shaken or stirred, mastering making the secret service’s most popular cocktail is now super easy. Use the Martini Master’s jigger to measure two shots of Gin and one of vermouth, add into your cocktail spinner (yes, we disagree with your cocktail mixing methods Mr Bond!) with lots of ice, after the gin and vermouth are mixed together pour into a classic martini glass and use the handy zester to create a beautiful garnish for your Martini. Add an olive for an authentic look.

4.  Theo+Co. Pizza Perfector in Red

The Pizza Perfector takes the hard work out of making a great pizza. You know you are in good hands as the appliance is developed by triple-world Champion Pizza Maker Theo Kalogeracos.

Frustrated with not being able to find a competent domestic pizza cooker for his private event engagements, he decided to develop his own. The Pizza Perfector is a uniquely designed piece of equipment that can make anyone cook consistent pizza like a World Champion.

5. Jamie Oliver Pasta Machine

A new and improved Pasta machine from Jamie Oliver, for a smoother pasta making experience. Impress your guests by creating a variety of home-made pasta types (including lasagne, spaghetti, fettucine and tagliatelle) which are healthy and of high quality too. A staple in every contemporary kitchen.

6. The Cooking Doctor Macaron Pastry Set

Packed in an exclusive box, this pastry set contains a double-sided silicone pastry mat, 6 medium size nozzles, an adaptor, a large silicone piping bag and a recipe booklet. Perfect for own use or as a gift.

The mat can be used to make 30 traditional standard macaron of 3.8cm, 8 large (5 cm) macaron or whoopee pie, heart and flower shaped macarons. The mat is made of premium silicone to ensure that it is 100 % non-stick, and with even heat distribution, it is guaranteed to produce macarons with feet.

This set will suit any home baker, as the piping bag is washable and the nozzle can also be used for cupcake or cake decorations. The classic swirl on cupcake, round nozzle for macarons, rose and leave decorations, and even fancy grass shape for novelty cupcakes!

7. Nordic Ware Bavaria Mini Bundts Pan in Red

The Bavaria Mini Bundts Pan from Nordic Ware is perfect for creating bite-sized Bavaria bundt shaped cakelets. The non-stick coated aluminium of the Bavaria Mini Bundts Pan ensures even baking with quick release and easy cleanup. Now, you can create bundt cakelets of a more unique shape with the right amount of rising.

8. de Buyer Mandoline Swing Slicer in Red

The Mandoline Swing Slicer from de Buyer is made from durable stainless steel & composite polymers and with blade produced in Thiers, the French famous town specialized in professional cutlery, this slicer brings professionalism into your kitchen. Technique is inspired from de Buyer’s professional model.

Be the Hari Raya Hostess (or Host!) with the Mostest

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Be the Hari Raya Hostess (or Host!) with the Mostest

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! In this week’s guide, we share 7 useful hosting tips for this festive season.

1. Prepare ingredients in advance

Everyone knows food prep is one of the most tedious things to deal with, no matter how skilled you are as a home chef. Do your shopping and preparation 2 days in advance and make it a family affair! Be the boss of your kitchen and delegate tasks to spouses and siblings while children do simpler things like peel vegetables.

2. Accommodate dietary restrictions

When planning your menu, remember to include at least one child-friendly and vegetarian dish for your guests. Also, not everyone has a belly of fire like you do, so make sure you have a non-spicy dish in your arsenal. ToTT loves this recipe for pizza – just replace pepperoni with a halal option like chopped beef dendeng and you’re good to go. We also recommend getting your pizza done with Theo & Co.’s Pizza Perfector. You can thank us later.

3. Serve dishes in cookware

Instead of dishing out culinary creations on serving plates, why not serve them straight from the pan? You won’t just be saving time doing the dishes – pans keep food warm for longer and you’ll just have to place it back on the stove whenever you wish to reheat!

4. Beat the Heat with Detox Water

Chock full of vitamins, detox water makes a refreshing and colourful beverage that is sure to be a hit with your guests. Simply toss some slices of citrus fruit and cucumbers into filtered water and leave overnight.

5. Try a Chalkboard Menu

Chalkboard menus are an easy and inexpensive way of jazzing up potluck style feasts. Also, they save you from having to explain dishes over and over again to curious guests.

6. Label Cups

Here at ToTT, we’re all about doing our part for the environment. If you have to use disposable cups, use those made out of bioplastics and provide guests with a marker to label their cups. That way, you save the earth and your cups.

7. Kiddy Corner

Create a child-friendly corner of your house with toys and electronic gaming devices to keep the young ones busy.

8. Seal the meal

Got any leftovers or half-finished snacks from the day? Keep food fresh by sealing it in air-tight containers like the Large Pop-Top Storage Jar by Jamie Oliver, or Lexliving’s Silicone Flip Tight Lid Storage Box.

Gifts Dad Will Love

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Gifts Dad Will Love

Father’s day is around the corner, but fret not if you haven’t found a gift for dad! Here are 5 gifts from ToTT that Dad is sure to love.

For the Gadget-Loving Dad:

Indulge your gadget-loving dad with arguably the meanest cooking machine around – the Sousvide Supreme. The award-winning SousVide Supreme is the world’s first water oven designed to make the gourmet sous vide cooking technique easy and affordable. Sous vide cooking locks in the juices and flavor and preserves the nutritional quality of the food. The result is incomparable taste and texture: steak perfectly cooked edge-to-edge, vibrant vegetables, juicy tender chicken breasts, and ribs with the meat literally falling off the bone. All at the push of a button.

For the Multi-Tasking Dad:

Reward your old man for his love and dedication to the family with something as efficient as he is. With five separate cooking options, The Cuisinart® Griddler® can handle everything from pancakes to sausages to grilled cheese to steaks, hamburgers and panini. A floating cover and one set of reversible plates that snap in and out turn the Griddler® into a Contact Grill, a Panini Press, a Full Grill, a Full Griddle, or Half Grill/Half Griddle. Dual temperature controls ensure everything is perfectly cooked.

For the Dad Who Loves His Beer:

Remember that time dad gave you your first sip of beer? Honour that memory with the Beer Can Marinade Chicken Roaster by Nordic Ware. This grill or oven roaster lets you make iconic beer can chicken in  two different ways. Use the cone inside of the base or separately. The wide base holds liquid and spices of your choice and may also be used to hold and roast vegetables. The roaster infuses flavour while locking in moisture, giving you chicken that’s crisp on the outside and oh-so-juicy on the inside.

For the “Anything” Dad:

The “Anything”  type of Dad can be hard to shop for, simply because he’s so easygoing. ToTT recommends this foolproof choice – the Pizza Perfector by Theo + Co. Developed by triple-world Champion Pizza Maker, Theo Kalogeracos, the Pizza Perfector takes the hard work out of making the world’s best pizza. With the Pizza Perfector, dad too can cook phenomenal pizzas like a champ.

A Tribute to Mom: Interview with The Cooking Doctor

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A Tribute to Mom: Interview with The Cooking Doctor

It’s always fascinating to learn where a chef first got her roots in cooking.

This Mother’s Day, we invite The Cooking Doctor, Dr Jehanne Ali to give us a peek into her life and how she manages being a Mother, Chef and Doctor all at once!

1. How has your mother’s cooking influenced you as a chef?
Food always brings back memories. Little did I know that those years growing up watching my mom tempering chocolates, or running back eagerly from school for the sweet smell of cookies baking in the oven, would shape my passion today. My mom is an excellent baker, who also taught on continental pastries and cakes. It was from her that I learnt my fundamentals of baking.

2. Are there any particular dishes that instantly remind you of Mom?
When I was in medical school in the UK, cooking was not a luxury but a necessity as the halal food scene has not really taken off, like now. I missed my mom’s Sambal chicken, so every time I cooked that for a meal, it instantly reminded me of her. I am also a big fan of her Chocolate Roulade (swiss roll) so she would always baked and carefully packed for me every time I came home for vacation. Those swiss rolls still remind me of home. My mom has kindly shared the recipe with me, so here I am passing it to you. (Recipe here)

3. Would you be able to share a particular fond memory of when she cooked it?
There was one afternoon when I just came back from school and I saw Mom making her chequered swiss rolls for friends. I must be around 8 or 9, and I sulked that she has forgotten to make my favourite roll. That was when she pulled out the fluffiest roll still warm on the pan, and asked me to spread the melted chocolate on top. I was ecstatic, as that was perhaps the first time she ever let me use her kitchen tools!

4. Being a mother (chef and doctor, too!) yourself, what advice would you give to busy working moms who want to start cooking for their kids?
I am glad to see the current trend of kids being encouraged to cook and bake from early age. I think it’s important to shape the young minds to start eating healthy and wholesome home-cooked food. Even with a busy schedule I think it’s still possible to fit in cooking time after work. Weekly menu planning is essential as it will help to expedite grocery shopping and preparation.

I am also a firm believer in quick healthy meals. For example, with a weekly batch of pizza dough you can always create weeknight pizza in less than 20 minutes! Kids should be allowed to help in the kitchen as this will build their confidence, and make them want to eat more as they have cooked the food!
Always stock up the pantry with wholesome ingredients and kid-friendly tools. Think colourful spinach pasta, fancy cookie cutters or even some good quality chocolates. Best trophy to Mommies who bake impromptu brownies!
Recently I’ve launched a range of healthy Deli products under my daughter’s name, Mishalle. These include healthy low-fat Granola for breakfast or parfait (Check out the quick & easy recipe here!), tomato relish for pizza base or pasta sauce, chilli jam for dipping sauce, multigrain bread mix for quick and healthy breads, and some spice mixes such as za’atar for your quick but delicious meals!

5. Last but not least, what do you think are some of the most essential tools to have in the kitchen for busy working moms?
I do suffer from gadgetitis, so I am a hoarder of all things gadgets! Jokes aside, a well-equipped kitchen does make a big difference in food preparation and cooking time. I swear by good-quality casseroles or dutch ovens that are perfect for pasta sauces, stews, rice and even bread. Of course my very own ‘The Cooking Doctor’ silicone baking mat for baking! Its nonstick fibre element makes it versatile — from kneading or rolling to even baking pizzas, macarons or scones. You also need a good set of knives, a few baking tins and a good wok!
Every mom deserves a little pampering on Mother’s Day, treat mom to Dr Jehanne’s Mocha Roulade and shop the essential bakeware needed for this recipe here!

5 Cliché-busting V-Day Ideas

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5 Cliché-busting V-Day Ideas

If you are like us, the same tired tricks will just not cut it. Here are some ideas that are also easy to pull off! And you can thank us later.

1. Instead of… A fancy dinner at a posh restaurant
Why not try… Cooking with your mate!
Date night at a posh restaurant on Valentine’s Day? Groundbreaking. Why not cook instead? You don’t have to shoot for the skies here. Just whip up something simple and earnest, let the wine start flowing and VOILA! You have your very own private, inexpensive Valentine’s Day settled. For recipe ideas, you can get the ToTT store cookbook, 365 Days of Fun: Recipes for any occasion at just $12.90. You will be surprised at how easy (and cheap) it is to prepare a feast for two!

2. Instead of… A box of fancy chocolates
Why not try… Personalized chocolate cupcakes or cookies!
There’s nothing wrong with a box of fancy, dark chocolates – they’ve been known to be an aphrodisiac. But nothing expresses sincerity more than something that is personalized! If you are strapped for time, try your hand at our Bake&Go corner – all the prep work is done, you literally bake and go! Bake a fresh batch of cookies or a box of delicious chocolate cupcakes and decorate them with icing and sprinkles. Earn bonus points if you shape the cookies with your hands!

3. Instead of… A bottle of bubbly
Why not try… Making your own molecular margaritas!
It’s Valentine’s Day (and Saturday night!), you have made it through the long week and it’s time to treat yourselves and have fun by making your own molecular margaritas. While a bottle of champagne is always a good idea, why not experiment with the Margarita R-Evolution Kit? Concoct different margaritas for each other and keep the champagne as a back-up if all else fails!

4. Instead of… A slice of cake for dessert
Why not try… Making your own dessert table!
Home-made ice cream, granitas, sorbets, hot fudge sundaes, brownies, cakes, cookies, you name it! The Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker is the perfect ice cream machine you need for such an occasion. It makes perfect ice creams, frozen yoghurts in 20 minutes or less, with no fuss and no mess! Spend the day in the kitchen together and just have fun! After all, who has time to think about the calories on Valentine’s Day?

5. Instead of… Staying at home to avoid the crowd (if you are single)
Why not try…  Meeting new friends at a Speed Dating Class?
Meet new friends in this fun and collaborative hands-on cooking class this Valentine’s Day! Pick up cooking tips and techniques along the way with Chef Vivian Pei’s ‘Cook, Eat, Love – It’s a Date!’ Speed Dating Class and who knows, you might end up taking away more than just cooking tips!