Celebrate Hari Raya Puasa with These Delectable Kuih Raya Recipes

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Celebrate Hari Raya Puasa with These Delectable Kuih Raya Recipes

Hey there, are you gearing up for Hari Raya Puasa? It’s that time of the year again when we come together to celebrate after a month of fasting during Ramadan. And you know what that means – it’s time for some seriously delicious snacks! Hari Raya Puasa just wouldn’t be the same without those delightful Kuih Raya treats that we all love to munch on.

If you’re on the lookout for some easy and tasty recipes to wow your family and friends, look no further! Here are six awesome Kuih Raya recipes that’ll make your Hari Raya Puasa celebration even more memorable:

Pineapple Ball: These little guys are the bomb! Picture this – a buttery pastry stuffed with sweet pineapple goodness. They’re like a burst of tropical sunshine in your mouth. Plus, they’re so cute and easy to pop into your mouth, you won’t be able to stop at just one!

Image credit:whattocooktoday.com

Mini Makmur: These peanut butter cookies are a total crowd-pleaser. They’re crumbly, buttery, and just melt in your mouth. And the best part? You can dust them with powdered sugar for that extra touch of sweetness. It’s like a little snowfall of deliciousness on your plate!

Image credit: singaporeanmalaysianrecipes.com

Nutella Tarts: Who can resist the allure of Nutella? These Nutella Tarts are a game-changer! With their buttery crust and luscious Nutella filling, they’re guaranteed to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Plus, they’re super easy to make – perfect for those last-minute cravings!

Image credit:bakeomaniac.com

Chocolate Nestum Ball: Crunchy, chocolaty, and oh-so-delicious – that’s what you get with Chocolate Nestum Balls! These little bites of heaven are made with Nestum cereal and chocolate– a winning combo that’ll have you coming back for more. Warning: they’re seriously addictive!

Spicy Shrimp Rolls: Need a break from all the sweetness? These Spicy Shrimp Rolls are just what you need. With each cracking slice, the generous filling of savoury spicy sambal dried shrimp underneath each roll’s crisp crust piques your attention.

Image credit: mykitchen101en.com

Kuih Kapit: Last but not least, we’ve got Kuih Kapit – the OG of Kuih Raya. These thin, crispy wafers are a must-have at any Hari Raya Puasa celebration. Whether you like them plain or filled with chocolate, they’re guaranteed to be a hit with everyone!

So, there you have it – six awesome Kuih Raya recipes to spice up your Hari Raya Puasa celebration. Whether you’re hosting a big open house or just chilling with family and friends, these treats are guaranteed to be a hit. So, roll up your sleeves, get into the kitchen, and let the feasting begin! Selamat Hari Raya Puasa, everyone!

Creative Ways to Infuse Fruits into Your Daily Routine

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Creative Ways to Infuse Fruits into Your Daily Routine

Fruits are not only nature’s candy but also a powerhouse of essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. While the simplicity of enjoying a fresh piece of fruit is unparalleled, there are countless creative and clever ways to indulge in these vibrant, flavourful delights. In this article, we’ll explore some innovative ways to incorporate fruits into your diet, making healthy eating a delightful experience.

Fruit Smoothie Bowls:

Transform your morning routine by blending your favourite fruits into a thick, creamy smoothie. Pour it into a bowl and top it with a variety of colourful fruits, nuts, seeds, and granola. This not only adds texture but also enhances the nutritional profile, turning your breakfast into a visually appealing and satisfying treat.

Recommended products:
Cuisinart CSB-136HK Smart Stick Hand Blender 600W
Evelin Square Bread And Fruit Bowl

Image credit:taste.com.au

Grilled Fruit Kebabs:

Take your BBQ game to the next level by grilling fruit kebabs. Thread chunks of pineapple, watermelon, mango, and strawberries onto skewers, then grill them for a few minutes. The heat caramelizes the natural sugars, creating a delectable and slightly smoky flavour. Serve these kebabs as a side dish at your next barbecue or as a light dessert.

Recommended products:
Solis Deli Grill
Nordic Ware Cast Grill N Sear Oven Pan
Bfooding Bamboo Satay Sticks

Image credit: healthylittlefoodies.com

Fruit-infused Water:

Hydration meets flavour with fruit-infused water. Add slices of citrus fruits, berries, or cucumber to your water for a refreshing twist. Experiment with different combinations to discover your favourite fruity concoction. This not only makes staying hydrated enjoyable but also provides a subtle infusion of essential vitamins.

Recommended products:
TableCraft Glass Beverage Dispenser
Jiwins Polycarbonate Pitcher With Lid & Infusion Chamber
Nachtmann Jules Crystal Pitcher

Image credit: unboundwellness.com

Frozen Fruit Pops:

Beat the heat with homemade frozen fruit pops. Blend your favourite fruits with yogurt or coconut milk and pour the mixture into popsicle moulds. Once frozen, you’ll have a refreshing and guilt-free treat that is perfect for hot summer days. Kids and adults alike will appreciate these fruity delights.

Recommended product:
Ibili Ice Cream Moulds

Image credit: thewoksoflife.com

Fruit Salsa:

Swap traditional tomato salsa for a fruity version. Dice up a mix of fruits like mango, pineapple, kiwi, and strawberries. Add a splash of lime juice and a hint of mint for a zesty and sweet salsa. This versatile concoction pairs well with grilled chicken, fish, or can be scooped up with cinnamon-sugar tortilla chips for a delightful snack.

Recommended products:
Nachtmann Bossa Nova Set of 4 pieces Round Dip Bowls
ToTT Stainless Steel Lime or Citrus Tools

Image credit: cookingclassy.com

Dehydrated Fruit Snacks:

Take advantage of the natural sweetness in fruits by dehydrating them. Invest in a food dehydrator or use your oven to create delectable, dried fruit snacks. Apples, bananas, mangoes, and berries are excellent choices for dehydrating. These portable snacks are perfect for on-the-go munching and can be stored for an extended period.

Recommended products:
Excalibur Tray Dehydrator
Cuisinart Digital Airfryer Toaster Oven

Image credit: eatingwell.com

Incorporating fruits into your diet doesn’t have to be boring. These clever and tasty ways to indulge in fruits not only elevate your culinary experience but also ensure you reap the nutritional benefits of these vibrant gifts from nature. Whether enjoyed in a smoothie bowl, on the grill, or as a refreshing beverage, fruits can be a delicious and satisfying addition to your daily menu. So, get creative in the kitchen and let the natural sweetness of fruits enhance your healthy living journey.

Venturing Beyond Wheat: A Guide to Alternative Flours

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Venturing Beyond Wheat: A Guide to Alternative Flours

In recent years, the demand for gluten-free and grain-free products has skyrocketed. Whether due to dietary restrictions, health concerns, or personal preference, more and more people are exploring alternative flours in their baking. This article will delve into the world of alternative flours, providing a guide to some popular options and how to use them in your baking.

Understanding Alternative Flours

Alternative flours are derived from sources other than traditional wheat. They can be made from nuts, seeds, legumes, or grains like rice and corn. Each type of flour has its unique taste, texture, and nutritional profile, which can add complexity and variety to your baked goods.

Popular Alternative Flours

Almond Flour
Made from ground almonds, almond flour is rich in protein and healthy fats. It’s a popular choice for low-carb and gluten-free baking. Its mild, nutty flavour works well in a wide range of recipes, from cookies to cakes to bread.Transform lumpy bakes into light, fluffy, and bakery-worthy with Nordic Ware’s flour sifter. The unique whisk-style rotary design delivers exceptional performance, allowing you to sift dry ingredients or sprinkle powdered sugar with ease. Easy to use and clean, this sifter is designed to leave no lumps behind.

Image credit:womenshealthmag.com

Coconut Flour
Coconut flour is another grain-free, gluten-free option. It’s high in fibre and has a distinct sweet, coconutty flavour. However, it absorbs a lot of liquid, so you’ll need to adjust your recipe accordingly. For accurate measurement, consider employing Zyliss Measuring Cups, which are interconnected through a brushed stainless steel ring, offering convenient organization.

Image credit: healthline.com

Buckwheat Flour
Despite its name, buckwheat is not a type of wheat but a seed. Buckwheat flour is gluten-free and has a robust, earthy flavour. It’s excellent for pancakes, muffins, and rustic bread loaves. For the meticulous task of sweeping away excess flour from dough and countertops, the Schneider Horse Hair Bristles Flour Brush with a Wooden Handle emerges as an indispensable tool in professional bakeshops and kitchens. Its lacquered hardwood handle, brown nylon ferrules, and water-resistant bristles not only ensure quick drying but also contribute to a professional and high-quality ambiance in your kitchen.

Image credit: thecoconutmama.com

Rice Flour
Rice flour, made from finely milled rice, is a staple in gluten-free baking. It’s light and delicate, making it perfect for pastries, cakes, and biscuits. Ensure precise measurements with the Safico Pro Digital Weighing Scale. This sophisticated scale boasts a removable stainless steel platform, an easily readable LCD screen, and provides accurate measurements essential for portion control and precise cooking.

Image credit: healthiersteps.com

Tips for Baking with Alternative Flours

  1. Start with Tried-and-True Recipes: When starting out, it’s best to follow recipes that specifically call for alternative flours. This will help you understand how each flour behaves in baking.
  2. Mix and Match: Often, the best results come from using a blend of different flours. This can help achieve the right balance of taste and texture.
  3. Adjust Liquid Ratios: Some alternative flours, like coconut flour, absorb more liquid than traditional wheat flour. You may need to add extra liquid to your recipe to compensate.
  4. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment! Baking with alternative flours is an art, and part of the fun is discovering new flavours and textures.

Baking with alternative flours opens a world of possibilities for those on gluten-free or grain-free diets. With a bit of knowledge and experimentation, you can create delicious and nutritious baked goods that everyone can enjoy. Happy baking!

Ways to use your Bundt Pan

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Ways to use your Bundt Pans

Your Bundt Pan can do more just than baking! Instead of storing inside your kitchen cabinet, it’s time to dust off and put it to work. Bring out the versatile, sturdy cast aluminium body for unexpected recipes, crafts and yes you heard us right décor!

Image credit: momsdinner.net

Corn off the cob

A total game changer. All you need is two simple tools and you can have fresh corn kernels – Bundt Pan & knife. Place the tip of the shucked corn on the cob in the center hole of the bundt pan. Hold the tip of the cob securely so that it does not slip. In a downward motion, use a knife to slice off the kernels and let it fall directly into the pan, preventing any mess.

Image credit: tablespoon.com

Chicken Roaster

Skip the beer can and use a Bundt pan to cook a whole chicken on the grill. Make juicy, flavorful, crispy-on-the-outside roasted chicken with your favourite veggies! Tip to get incredibly crispy skin – pat the chicken dry and keep it, uncovered in the refrigerator overnight. This air drying method makes for a lovely crisp skin.

Recipe: https://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/bundt-pan-roasted-chicken-and-vegetables/4cd20f21-0014-4694-8a82-6f05ce6e8670

Image credit: onegoodthingbyjillee

S’mores Kit

Up your s’mores game with this creative hacks! Perfect for events or a quaint evening with family, load up the Bundt pan with marshmallows, milk chocolate and graham crackers. Start roasting marshmallow fun with your whole family!

Image credit: foodnetwork.com

Chilling Bucket

Perfect for parties! Treat your guests to chilled drinks even when you haven’t got any in the fridge. Fill the Bundt pan with a jug with half ice and half water, then add a generous amount of salt to help the water reach a lower temperature. Submerge your drinks and wait a few minutes for it to cool down.

Image credit: countryliving.com

Ice Cube Ring

Instead of throwing boring ice cubes into your beverage, whip up a Bundt pan ice ring. Gather up some tasty, eye-catching ingredients like fresh fruits, herbs, and edible flowers and be ready to impress your guests.


Ways to Maximise Your Muffin Tin

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Ways to Maximise Your Muffin Tin

Muffin tins are not just for baking anymore so let your imagination run wild with us! You don’t need to fill your trays with just muffin or cake batter these days. Let us guide you on how you can transform or repurpose your muffin tin for other uses.

Here are some different ways you can use a muffin or cupcake tin to make everything from taco bowls to storage holders.

Image credit: kinnikinnick

Condiments Holder

Jazz up your party by filling your muffin tin with your favourite toppings, condiments and garnishes. Not only it keeps everything tidy but the colourful presentation spruces up  any table. Don’t forget to add a spoon for easy scooping!

Shop: Nordic Ware Naturals® Nonstick 24 Cavity Petite Muffin Pan

Image credit: Eatingwell

Taco Shells & Bowls

Make a taco bowl with a corn tortilla using the underside of a muffin tin as a mould and then bake it till its crispy and brown. You can also hold up hard taco shells when you are filling in. A perfect trick if you’re setting up a taco bar at a party!  

Shop: Jamie Oliver Non-Stick Muffin 12 Cups, Atlantic Green

Image credit: Eatingrichly

Giant ice cubes

Make large ice cubes with muffin tins, this is exceptionally useful for large pitchers or punch bowls. Toss in a few slices of fruit pieces for that extra boost of flavour. To release the cubes, run the bottom of the tray with a small bit of warm water.

Image credit: Tasteofhome

Organization & Storage holder

Keep your craft space tidy and organised with your trusty muffin tin. Perfect for small miscellaneous pieces like buttons, pins, paper clips, bead etc. Pop some cupcake liners into each segment to make it easy to move around from one segment to another!

Shop: Nordic Ware Compact Ovenware Muffin Pan

Image credit: teachinglittle

Kids Learning Activity

A simple math activity you can do with muffin trays. You can teach them how to count by lining the tray with cupcake liners and writing random numbers. Give your child an assortment of buttons or other small objects and have them put the appropriate number into each muffin tin. You can customise the difficulty according to their skill level.

Image credit: homehacks

Mini Planter

Do you have old muffin trays that you were about  to discard? Don’t let them go to waste! Use them  to hold small plants or flowers.  Flip over the muffin pan and punch holes in the bottom of each well or cup. Fill it up with soil, rocks and seed then water each one lightly!

Shop: Ibili Moka Non-Stick 12 Cups Muffin Pan

Image credit: polkadotpoplars

Fondue Party

Make this fun fondue platter at home, using cheese, chocolate, or both! Place a variety of treats in each cup, creating an enjoyable eating experience. A fantastic date night idea with a difference!

Image credit: homehacks

DIY Bath bombs

You have all of the ingredients for a bath bomb, but don’t want to spend extra for a mould? You can use muffin tins to create a super easy bath bomb mould. Fill the muffin tin up to the top, packing them in firmly, then level off. Allow about 4 hours to dry, then gently tap the tins and remove. It’s time to get fizzy!

Kitchen Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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Kitchen Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Always wondered what to do with leftover wine or need to make a mean guacamole but you realised the avocado is not ripe. Leave the stress to us as we’ve got you covered. We have round up our Top 6  kitchen hacks that everyone budding chef should know!

Image credit: popsugar.com

Squeeze citrus with tongs

No fancy kitchen gadgets needed for plenty of juice. All you need is a pair of kitchen tongs and half a lemon. This simple food hack is perfect if you want to drizzle some lemon over your freshly prepared chicken salad efficiently without dirtying your fingers!

Shop: Mastrad Stainless Steel Quick Tongs

Image credit: Foodnetwork

Portion your meat before freezing

Instead of thawing a whole portion of ground beef or pork, divide it up by using a rolling pin to flatten the meat in a ziplock bag. Simplyscore out portions using a chopstick to divide them into the number of portions your require. When you are ready to cook, just break off the portions you need!

Shop: Jamie Oliver Rolling Pin
ToTT Melamine Japanese Chopsticks Zephyr

Image credit: Simplyrecipes

Freeze leftover wine or broth in an ice cube trays

Don’t dump the rest of that Pinot or allow it to oxidize in the fridge for weeks on end. Pour leftover wine or broth into an ice cube tray, once it has frozen, pop all the cubes out and store in a freezer-safe bag or other container. Take out one or more when needed!

Image credit: Foodiecrush

Ripe an avocado with a banana

To ripen an avocado using a banana, place unripe avocados inside a paper bag with a banana or two. This speeds up the ripening process. Moving the bag to a warm spot in the kitchen can add a further ripening boost.

Ripe bananas contain a natural plant hormone called ethylene, which triggers ripening in fruits. The paper bag traps the ethylene gas that is produced by the fruit and speeds up the ripening process.

Skim the fat

Spoon out excess fat from stocks, stews, and sauces by skimming a few ice cubes (wrapped in a paper towel, cheese cloth or using slotted spoon) along the surface of the liquid. The fat will coagulate around the cold ice cube and make it easier to lift out.

Make you own buttermilk

Have you encountered some recipes that called for buttermilk as an ingredient and you just need a small portion. Don’t need to panic!  All you need is one cup of milk and one tablespoon of lemon juice, combine them in a small bowl and let it sit 5 to 10 minutes or until mixture begins to curdle.

Dining Table Decorating: Create the perfect tablescape

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Dining Table Decorating: Create the perfect tablescape

Have you ever wondered how much personality your dinner table gives off? Do your guests think of you as fun, quirky or boring when they leave your house? Much like an outfit, a dining table is a great way to express yourself! It can influence the entire dining experience, including the atmosphere, enticement of the food, along with showing your guests you appreciate their company. So if you are planning to  have a dinner or lunch party consider these elements to lift your party from a dull meal, to a spectacular soireé

Set the theme

It’s important to set the theme for your event, no matter how large or small the gathering. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, barbecue or intimate luncheon, setting a theme will energise and captivate your guests. Create a consistent look from start to finish.

Curate your colour theme

Adopting a few key colours will help make your table look harmonious and balanced. Pick two to three complementary colours to create a cohesive table setting that is easy on the eyes. A dinner party over a holiday could suggest its own selection with gold flatware, red tinted glasses, and gold-rimmed dishware, plus accents of red in linens, the table centerpiece and accessories.

Shop: Tabletop Accessories

Blend the old with the new

Try mixing vintage and modern items. Using antique pieces will add charm to your setting and create talking points with your guests. Borrow your grandmother’s silverware and breathe new life with a modern dining set.

Shop: Nachtmann Drinkware

Plan a centrepiece

Bring out the beauty of your table settings by using a centerpiece to create a focal point. It could be a bouquet of nicely arranged flowers, candles, tabletop sculptures, twigs. Height is crucial, consider your guests’ line of sight – you want to make sure your guests can see each other across the table.

Shop: Natchmann Quartz Crystal Bowl

Select the right linens

If you like the idea of using a tablecloth for your dining table, a linen version is ideal for a look that’s well dressed but relaxed rather than overly formal. Runners themselves are a further option as table linens for a dinner party. Placing a row of runners across the table’s width can help encourage conversation between diners sitting opposite one another as well as those seated on the same side.

Shop: Table Linens & Cloth Napkins

A Guide to Bread Making Tools

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A Guide to Bread Making Tools

Baking bread is relatively simple: Combine flour, water, yeast, and salt, proof it, pop it in the oven, and—voilà!— your very own homemade loaf. You might already have certain bread-making tools such as mixing bowls, measuring jugs and rolling pins however bread baking speciality tools can help you bake even better! Read on to find which bread-making tools and equipment you need.

1.Bread Proofing Basket

Ever wonder how artisan bread bakers get such perfect round loaves every single time? The secret is using a proofing basket. It helps to support and keep the shape and structure through their final rise. The natural rattan also leaves an attractive spiral pattern on the dough – a homespun aesthetic touch you will love.

Tip: Before first use, spray the inside slightly with an enzyme-free releasing agent to protect the rattan, and dust with flour. The basket can be cleaned every four weeks using a brush without water. To sanitise, simply place the basket in the oven for 20 minutes at 120° -140°C.

2. Cast Aluminium Loaf Pan

If you’re hoping to bake your bread into a sandwich loaf then a sturdy loaf pan is a must. These are necessary for quick breads and offer the perfect shape for a sturdy loaf bound for sandwiches. Nordic Ware Non-stick Classic Loaf Pan provides the ultimate in bread-baking perfection. This roomy loaf pan provides an even baking surface for a better rise to any bread recipe and can handle a 1 1/2-pound loaf. Its non-stick surface makes for extremely easy cleanup. Other than making quick breads, use them to make delicious marble or banana bread too!

3.Digital Weighing Scale

Too much flour packed into your measuring cup can make the bread dry and crumbly. With a scale, you will know exactly how much ingredient you’re using every single time. This eliminates a lot of uncertainty right off the bat and puts you in a position to control your bread and not the other way around! Safico Pro Digital Weighing Scale is a highly accurate digital scale that features a removable stainless steel platform, an easy to read LCD screen and gives accurate and precise measurements.

4.Bench Scraper

If you’re looking for a way to handle dough without it sticking to your hands, this essential tool is perfect for your kitchen. It’s great for scooping flour back into the dough, flipping your mixture upside down, pressing wet and dry ingredients together, cutting and portioning out dough. It can also double up as a cutting tool for other foods.

5. Bread Scorer / Baking Blade

No baker’s set of tools is complete without a high-quality bread scorer. The purpose is primarily to control the direction in which the bread will expand during “oven spring.” It can also be used decoratively to showcase a baker’s skill or indicate different bread varieties on a bakery display shelf. Score a beautifully risen dough before baking with durable Schneider Baker’s Blade. Its super-sharp razor blade will allow precision-shaped cuts on your loaves without deflating or pressing down the dough. Perfect addition for the enthusiastic bread baker.

Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste

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Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Food waste makes up about half of the average 1.5kg waste disposed by Singapore’s households  daily.  Most people don’t realize how much food they throw away every day — from uneaten leftovers to fruits and vegetables that could be eaten or repurposed. You can help reduce food waste by following these 5 easy tips in this article. Every little bit helps.

1. Shop Smart & Plan Ahead

Keep a list of what you have in your fridge, a quick way is to take a ‘shelfie’ (photo of your fridge and cupboard).Make a meal plan and a grocery list before you start shopping. This will help you to avoid over-buying, reduce impulse purchase and reduce food waste. Tend to forget what you need to get, let Securit chalkboards and chalk markers help you with it. Let them have a permanent place in your home, and start penning down what you need!

2. Store Food Correctly

Do you know that potatoes, cucumber and onions should not be refrigerated and should be kept at room temperature? Knowing how to store your food correctly can increase their shelf life and prevent them from premature ripening or rotting.

Stor’eat from Mastrad, connected storage system helps reduce waste and prevent food waste in households. Designed in borosilicate glass, they resist extreme temperatures (-20°; +400°C) and can go directly from the freezer to the oven as well as from the refrigerator to the microwave. You can even download the Stor’eat mobile app that makes these boxes smart and connected. Scan the QR codes located on the Stor’eat boxes https://bit.ly/3wRCtZ1 to optimize your storage and better control your supplies, remember expiration dates, and find your food quickly in your fridge, freezer or cupboard.  Less waste, for a sustainable consumption!

3. Pick the Uglies

Try some ugly fruits and vegetables and make use of food that might otherwise go to waste. Off-colour or misshapen fruit and vegetables are often thrown away because they don’t meet cosmetic standards. But in fact, they taste the same, if not better. The next time you visit the grocery store, do your part by choosing slightly imperfect produce at the grocery store, or better yet, directly from the local farmers.

4. Learn to Preserve

Food preservation is a skill that has been cultivated for hundreds of years and is still used today. Preservation methods prevent foods from going bad, save money, and can improve flavour. There are many ways to preserve foods – pickling, drying, canning, fermenting, freezing and curing are methods you can use to make food last longer.  Le Parfait Mason jars have been specifically designed for long-term food preservation and have been approved for use with foodstuffs worldwide since the 1930s. Use these jars for canning fruit preserves, packing snacks for a picnic, or even use as an everyday drinkware! The brilliantly clear glass provides a view of the freshness of food and drinks  drinks which will never stain or retain odours.

5. Pack a Meal

One of the simplest ways to avoid food waste on the go is to bring  along your home cooked Investing in quality food storage containers like Zebra Stainless Steel Food Carriers that is easy to clean and fuss free to carry around makes a huge difference. Not a morning person? Try making extra portions of evening meals to keep in the fridge as ready-to-go packed lunches can eliminate the need to spend extra time making lunch before work or school in the morning.

Essential Pasta Making Tools

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Essential Pasta Making Tools

Pasta is one of the most widely consumed foods around. Homemade pasta is incredibly tasty and filling without being overly indulgent. Did you know that fresh homemade pasta absorbs sauces better and taste better too!

We nailed down the essential tools you require to make, cook, and serve pasta at home the way we like to do it.

1. Imperia iPasta Detachable Noodle Maker

Making your homemade pasta is easy as 1-2-3 with the Imperia iPasta detachable Noodle Maker. Not only is it easy to use but your family will be able to taste the difference between homemade and store-bought pasta!

Imperia’s Italian chrome-plated steel noodle maker is a must-have to all pasta lovers around the world. Fuss-free, the machine clamps to the side of your table, leaving your hands free for feeding dough through the rollers onto the guiding tray. It is easy to use and clean and features an adjustment dial that lets you make six different types of pasta, including linguine, ravioli, tortellini and super thin spaghettini!

2. Cuisinart Pasta Roller and Cutter Attachment

Bring the taste of fresh pasta into your home with this Pasta Roller and Cutter Set that attaches directly to your Cuisinart Stand Mixer. The pasta sheet roller lets you make fresh lasagne or hand-cut pasta of different thicknesses, while the other two cutters make fettuccine or spaghetti. Homemade pasta will become an everyday affair!

3. Imperia Raviolamp, Ravioli Classici

Roll your way to homemade ravioli success with the same tool used by Italian home cooks. Simply roll out a sheet of dough, place it on the base, add your desired filling and cover it with another sheet. Lastly, gently roll the pin over to cut and seal it. Voila, you have your perfect homemade ravioli.

4. Lacor Beechwood Rolling Pin

If you’re making homemade fresh pasta without a machine, a rolling pin is crucial for getting the dough perfectly thin, especially if making filled pasta where the dough will double in thickness once cooked. Lacor Beechwood Rolling Pin tapered style is the shape choice for most professional chefs as it allows for more manoeuvrability and control.

5. Imperia Wooden Square Pasta Drying Rack, Stendipasta

The worst thing that can happen after making a delicious batch of fresh pasta is seeing them stick together and become a heap of pasta. Unlike a sheet tray, which will trap the dough’s humidity when it makes contact with the pan, a drying rack ensures air flows evenly all around your dough. Hang and dry fettuccine, spaghetti and pasta sheets thoroughly before storing in air-tight containers or for an hour or so if freezing for later use.

6. Zyliss Pasta Tongs

Tongs are essential to prevent the pasta from slipping away when you are trying to get them out of the pot or when serving. Zyliss Pasta Tongs will hold on to your pasta through the spaghetti forks and not let it slide through. Designed for single-handed use, it features silicone tips that are heat resistant up to 400° F. This makes them perfect for swirling things around and plating your noodles to a restaurant-level flare.

7. Jamie Oliver Wooden Pasta Spoon

Get ready for a spaghetti dinner with pasta utensils. This chunky funky Jamie Oliver Acacia wood pasta spoon is perfect for lifting and serving spaghetti and noodles. Made from solid Acacia wood, it is safe to use with non-stick cookware. The pronged design grips noodles and a central slot allows liquid to drain through. 

8. Microplane Premium Stainless Steel Zester

Need finely grated cheese for pasta? Nothing beats using a Microplane Zester. Simply take out your favourite Parmigiano-Reggiano block and rub it against the grater, directly over your plate of pasta. See the light wisps of cheese flutter down and start to melt on contact. This multi-purpose tool can also be used for grating garlic, ginger, zesting citrus too.


Join our hands-on pasta making classes and learn the basic techniques of rolling and shaping pasta. Learn to make your favourite Italian fettuccine, gnocchi or stuffed ravioli and more!

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