Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen this CNY

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Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen this CNY

With Chinese New Year just around the corner once again, we’ve come up with a handy guide to spring cleaning your kitchen! Delve into our tips and tricks to ditch the dirt, leaving your kitchen spick and span, just in time to start the Chinese New Year festivities!

Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Get ready!
Don’t create any unnecessary stress for yourself! Here are some tips you can use to make your spring cleaning a tad more enjoyable:

• Put on some good tunes
• Do dishes, dry and put away
• Remove any non-kitchen clutter
• Set up large box or bag for items to trash
• Set up large box or bag for items to donate

Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Grab all of your cleaning supplies together!
Never underestimate the value of preparation! Having all your supplies within reach will help you to clean up your kitchen faster and more efficiently once you get started. Here’s what we like to always have on hand when the holidays are around the corner; these will come in handy when the festivities are in full swing and you don’t have time to run to the supermarket! Here are some supplies that we think will come in handy:

Cleaning Supplies: Town Talk Washing Up Liquid, If You Care Sponge Cloths & Food Waste Compostable Trash Bags

Don’t forget your arsenal of basic pantry needs too! We like the Salt & Pepper Mills from Cole & Mason for its style and functionality. Grab these from our online store if you’re feeling lazy – enjoy free shipping for orders above $150!

Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Give your pots and pans a good scrub-down
Scrub cast iron cookware with a soft sponge and coarse salt, then rinse away the salt. For stubborn stains, try removing them with a cloth and white vinegar. Tip: Never soak stainless steel cookware as their surfaces might become pitted!
Looking to refresh your cookware for the coming year? Here are some useful guides to get you started:

Tips and Tricks to Buying Cookware
Quick & Easy Guide to Buying Aluminium Cookware
Taking Care of Your Carbon Steel Cookware

Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Have your knives professionally sharpened
A set of good knives is the start of a great dish. Not only will sharp knives make your prep work easier, but they’ll make it safer as well! Invest in a durable knife sharpener and your knives will be with you for years to come. We like the Jamie Oliver Knife Block with 5 Knives that includes a carving knife, utility knife, paring knife and more!

Spring Cleaning Tip #5: Put everything in its place
A brand new year calls for new resolutions. Made a promise to yourself to clean up your diet for 2016? Stocking your kitchen with healthier choices is the first step to healthy eating. To ensure your healthy eating habits stick around and to encourage clean eating, it’s important to put some thought into the way you store your foods. From the pantry all the way to your fridge, place nutritious foods at eye level, front and centre, and put the sinful stuff at the back. You might be less tempted to snack! Remember to arrange your storage areas in a manner that encourages you to reach for them will be a kick-start to a healthy new year!

Spring Cleaning Tip #6: Clean your cutting boards
No kitchen can do without a reliable cutting board. Many people usually have a particular preference, such as wood or plastic. Whichever you prefer, always take steps to ensure that your cutting board lasts a long time and is safe from any food-borne bacteria. Whenever your cutting board is dirty, clean both sides with a damp cloth and a mild antibacterial soap. Rinse it with hot water, and wipe it clean with a clean cloth. Finally, let it try in an upright position.
Wooden cutting boards require more attention – give it a generous sprinkling of coarse salt once every few weeks, and rub it with a slice of lemon. Finish by rinsing well with hot water, then wipe it with a clean cloth.

Here’s a handy guide if you are looking at purchasing a new cutting board!

We hope you find these tips helpful in cleaning up your kitchen!