6 Types Of Mooncakes To Match Your Personality!

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6 Types Of Mooncakes To Match Your Personality!

1. The Adventure Seeker

You like living life on the edge, and your tastes reflect that too. With such a variety of mooncakes in the market, bakeries have gotten pretty creative with their culinary innovations. Ice-cream mooncakes are a familiar favourite, while others with unique fillings like liusha or salted egg cream are not unheard of either. No mooncake filling is too unorthodox for the adventure seeker, and you find yourself trawling Mid-Autumn mooncake fairs for the mooncakes with the most exotic flavours you can uncover.

2. The Princess

You often lament about the number of calories in every mooncake, but your palate can’t resist the light flavours and velvety smoothness of the snowskin variety. First developed in Hong Kong, the snowskin mooncake has won the hearts of diet conscious women around the world who favour the light, fruity flavours of this modern iteration.

3. The Kid

Perhaps you never grew into liking mooncakes and find yourself craving for the pig-shaped pastry you used to get as a kid. Known for their appearance rather than taste, the store-bought biscuits resemble little suckling pigs and contain bean paste fillings. Wrapped in their individual red plastic baskets, these mooncakes are sure to send you on a trip down memory lane.

4. The Patisseur

The Patisseur isn’t satisfied with the density of traditional mooncake pastry and much prefers the crisp, heavenly outsides of flaky skin mooncakes. Inspired by the Suzhou style of mooncake, these pastries are highly popular and are easily available. Whether they’re up to your standards though, is an entirely different issue.

5. The Gourmand

The gourmand isn’t so easily satisfied with typical mooncake offerings and would pay extra dollars for the premium variety. You splurge on mooncakes from hotels and feel a surge of excitement when your fingers graze the foil stickers or each individually wrapped mooncake. You convince yourself it’s all worth it when you sink your teeth into a snowskin mooncake oozing dark chocolate and liquor, despite the fact that each bite probably cost you $6.

6. The Traditionalist

Your ideal mooncake is a single lotus mooncake, sliced into eight perfect wedges. Mid-Autumn festival is about family, and with the children fighting over the salted egg yolk, you know you need nothing more.

Which category of the above do you belong to? Whether or not you feel if none (or all!) of the above suit you, you are bound to find a mooncake that will tickle your fancy at Chef Julie Yee’s Bake Your Own Mooncakes Class at ToTT! The hands-on class will take you through the steps of baking your very own mooncakes under the guidance of Chef Julie. Expect to learn traditional and gourmet mooncakes such as Japanese Style Parmesan Cheese Buttery Pastry with Green Tea Mung Bean & Red Bean, Yam Snow Skin Filling with Yam Paste and more!

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