Claire Marie Chang

Claire Marie Chang

Claire has been a huge foodie since young. As a child, she would tiptoe and check out what people were enjoying on their tables. During her teenage years, her mum introduced her to Mrs Field’s cookies. And that was it! She had to recreate them in her kitchen. Armed with her very first recipe book, Claire begins her baking journey.

After Junior College, Claire moved to Kuala Lumpur to study Hospitality. Being brought up by Malaysian parents, Claire felt the need to explore her roots despite being a true blue born Singaporean. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Hospitality and Tourism Management from Taylor’s University & Universite de Toulouse le Mirail.

When she returned to Singapore, the F&B sector was it for Claire. She has worked as a fromagère, a supermarket manager and a business manager in the wholesale industry. She was featured in a video by WDA Singapore.

Over the years, Claire’s baking skills are almost entirely self-taught with guidance from her mother. Once the teacher, her mum now takes advice from Claire herself. While Claire cooks pretty well, she enjoys creating beautiful centrepiece cakes for her friends and family more. Inspired by Australian bakers like Bakedown Cakery and Unbirthday Bakery, Claire’s specialty bakes are the decadent chocolate drip cakes topped with delicious treats.

She goes by the motto that “Cake should always taste as good as it looks! “ If she can create such beautiful and tasty cakes at home, so can you.

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