Clarielle Mansukhani

Clarielle Mansukhani

Clarielle started baking as a hobby and soon fell in love with it, taking a leap of faith by having a career switch mid-way. From cupcakes to French pastry, Clarielle loves the intricacies of decorating and makes everything as pretty and as unique as possible.

“Being a perfectionist, I’ll try something over and over till I get it right.”

Clarielle’s favourite person in the world, her grandma, was also a baker. Not only was her grandma her biggest inspiration, she was also taught to be always hardworking and to never stop learning.

Equipped with both her grandma’s handwritten recipes and books from her favourite pastry chefs, Clarielle is always fine-tuning her skills. With a natural passion for teaching, be prepared for her to go all out during her classes as she shares everything she knows on her love for baking and decorating.

Clarielle is also no stranger to teaching kids as she bakes often with her almost 4-year old son, Gabriel. Using her profession as an opportunity to show her son that it is possible to pursue your dreams through hard work and determination.

“Baking has a very therapeutic effect and I aim to create that relaxing and enjoyable environment throughout my workshops.”