Philia Ng

Philia Ng

Initially an accomplished senior executive in Cybersecurity, Philia saw baking as a stress reliever. Even with more than 15 years of experience, she didn’t see it as a career path until one fateful invite to hold a corporate class for the makeup conglomerate Shiseido. Since then, Philia has come a long way since her first charcoal stove butter cake lesson with granny.

These days, you’ll find her conducting large-scale classes for all age groups.

For adults, she teaches in any setting imaginable – hobby groups, corporate classes, or team bonding sessions. Her lessons have been enjoyed by professionals from brands like Facebook, Huawei, and Grab, just to name a few. Her forte lies in managing children’s classes – kids aged 5 to 14 are all welcome in Philia’s baking class, which promises a fun and engaging learning experience.

Whenever she can spare a moment, Philia creates her own recipes and endeavours in serious R&D work formulating recipes for top brands like Abbott and Prego. Her award-winning work has also been featured in several media programs and publications.

Philia started her home-based bakery “Ophiphi Bakes” in 2020, and specializes in serving the best Lemon Meringue tarts locally. Get connected with her via instagram and TikTok @ophiphichef

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