Philia Ng

Philia Ng

Philia has a special liking for baking since young. At a tender age, she would frequent bakeries to try out all their items and her favorite item is butter cake. She believes in baking a good butter cake not only requires good ingredients. Good techniques and skills are vital to get the moist, fragrance and fluffy butter cake that she can serve and put a smile to all her friends and family.

Baking cured her migraine and she has never stop baking since then. Baking holds a very special place in her heart and it is a very therapeutic process for her. The aroma and taste of her freshly homebaked goods are enjoyed by many.

She loves making friends through baking, and this has led her to start conducting small classes for her friends and regular customers. Not only does she get to know more friends, they also learn from each other during the class. Conducting baking classes filled with joy and laughter is definitely enjoyable!

She has also attended many classes to expand her knowledge and techniques as baking is a never ending learning process. During her free time, she writes her own recipes and she has started an online baking business “Ophelia. Treats” for dessert table orders.

Philia has also been featured in local television’s Channel 8 programme ” Yummy Lunchbox – Episode 13″ and has contributed to Channel U’s Magazine ” Mother’s Day Special – no 230″ and recently finished first place in a bake off event held by SCS butter at Capella.

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