House of the Rising Pancakes

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House of the Rising Pancakes –

5 types of pancakes that will make you go WOW!

In celebration of Pancake Day on 5th March, let us share with you 5 must-try pancake recipes you normally wouldn’t think of!

What’s Pancake Day? It’s actually the last day of feasting before Lent (A period of Christian observance that precedes Easter). During Lent, Christians commit to fasting or giving up on certain foods to reflect and contemplate on their lives in preparation for Easter.  It became a tradition to finish all the rich food that you have on the last day before Lent starts – and what food is richer than delicious fluffy pancakes? That’s how Pancake Day was born!

So without further ado, welcome to The House of the Rising Pancakes!

1. The Fried Chicken Checks in

Crispy, savoury fried chicken goes surprisingly well together with pancakes! Just imagine the crunch of the chicken being complimented by the soft texture of the pancakes. So the next time you see Colonel Sanders, be sure to bring a basket full of pancakes and indulge in a finger licking good time. You will be blown away by this sweet and savoury combo!

Check out this Crispy Chicken and Pancakes with Blueberry Butter recipe for even more delectable goodness!

2. A Smoky and Creamy Twist

Enjoy a healthy salmon avocado toast? Why not take it up a notch and pair them with buttermilk pancakes instead of your standard toasts! This decadent pairing is packed with vitamins and omega3, so yes, go on and indulge in this breakfast treat with your family!

Check out this Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Mashed Avocados recipe to get you started!

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3. Nothing says it like Caviar

Extravagance at its best, caviar and pancakes is a match made in heaven! These traditional Russian pancakes also known as Blini are simply indulgent, delectable and a show stopper at any parties!  Remember to serve them straight after you have prepared them and for that added touch – place some fresh dill for garnish

So if you’re looking for a recipe fit for royalties, click here for a Caviar Blini recipe.

4. The Pork-Sperity Suite

Well, it is the year of the pig after all, how can we forget the king of breakfast meats – bacon? A brunch favourite and a must have for any Sunday breakfast, this dish will satisfy both your sweet and savoury senses! Craving for some oozy egg goodness? Bring on some eggs benedict, a breakfast classic that is the perfect way to start a weekend.

5. The Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-styled pancake that is made from a variety of customisable ingredients (hence “Okonomi” which means “as-you-like-it”).

Traditionally, the batter is made of flour, nagaimo (Chinese yam), dashi (Japanese soup stock) and shredded cabbage, resulting in an extremely savoury pancake which smells and taste out of this world.

Also known as the Japanese Pizza, you can have the option to have toppings like seafood, meat and vegetables for the extra oomph! Click here for our okonomiyaki recipe!

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