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Shalu Asnani

Shalu Asnani

Shalu Asnani is a plant-based chef based in Singapore. She conducts cooking classes, offers menu planning and private dining services.

Her niche is healthy vegetarian food panning all styles – Asian street food to modern Western cuisine. The former lawyer’s goal is to prove that vegetarian food can be exciting by offering tantalizing recipes. Shalu holds a prestigious diploma from Cordon Vert, the U.K.’s leading vegetarian culinary school, a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, has worked with celebrity chef Bobby Chinn and cooked for Dr. Jane Goodall! Her expertise in Asian cuisine has had her featured in the Lonely Planet 2012 and earned her Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards in 2020, 2021 and 2022. In recent years, Shalu has developed areas of specialization within the niche of vegetarian cooking including menus that are gluten-free, vegan, low-carb, child-friendly and superfood-rich. Her goal is to continuously develop plant-based meals that are not only inherently appealing but able to cater to a wide range of dietary restrictions.

Yeo Min

A “Jill of all trades” is how Yeo Min would describe herself. A social worker by training, she started baking while pursuing her degree overseas. She continued baking as a hobby after her undergraduate studies, and started a page called ‘Pastories by Yeo Min’ to tell stories through her bakes. In 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Yeo Min decided to make a formal career switch from social service to the food industry. She trained at the At-Sunrice Globalchef Academy and worked at Fullerton Hotel and Harrianns Nonya Table.

In 2021, Yeo Min took part in the Channel 8 baking competition, ‘Creme de la creme’. She impressed judges with her creativity and placed as a finalist on the show. In the same year, she took part in the World Gourmet Summit Apprentice Chef competition and placed second with her fusion dish of fried mooncake, presented as a Chinese painting.

Yeo Min has a passion for heritage pastries and hopes to preserve the craft of Chinese pastry-making by bringing it to our home kitchens. Her repertoire of bakes includes everything from East to West, from kuehs to buttercream cakes.

Yeo Min is the author of ‘Chinese Pastry School’ — a comprehensive introductory resource for bakers curious about the history, science, and techniques of Chinese pastry-making. She also runs a small business, Pastories by Yeo Min, crafting custom cakes, wedding cakes, and other pastries.

You can find Yeo Min’s bakes, research, and class schedule on her Instagram pages: @pastoriessg and @yeomyyyy or on her website,

Titus Chong

Titus Chong

Titus is an alumnus of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy where he found his calling to embark on a career in spreading love and joy through his food. Driven by his passion for food and a strong determination to constantly challenge and improve himself, Titus’ career has spanned across multiple award-winning restaurants in Singapore which include Michelin star fine dining establishments such as Jaan, Odette and Rhubarb le restaurant.

While his experience has been primarily in exquisite French cuisine, Titus is equally adept at adapting his cooking skills into recreating local and Asian food that delight the palate of his customers. As a staunch believer that any ingredient can be transformed into great dishes in the hands of a skilled chef, Titus uses produce from anywhere and does not limit himself to only buying the expensive ones. Apart from cooking savoury dishes, Titus makes great desserts and regularly sells his highly sought after banana cakes, brownies and tarts from his home kitchen.

David Low

David Low

David Low is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. He has more than a decade of culinary experience at established restaurants globally. Whilst in Singapore, David worked in Pollen (a contemporary fine dining restaurant located at Gardens by the Bay) before moving on to the popular one Michelin-starred restaurant Burnt Ends, both of which are the top restaurants within the Unlisted Collection Group.

David’s passion and creativity in the art of culinary earned him the coveted opportunity to work in Le Bernardin, a longstanding 3 Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City. Whilst in US, David partnered with a number of freelance chefs to host private dining events for top corporate executives and high net worth clients at Hamptons and Chelsea Piers. David subsequently moved to Hong Kong and took on the role of sous chef at 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Ta Vie. In addition, David also staged at reputable restaurants such as Benu (3 Michelin-starred), Tenku Ryugin (3 Michelin-starred), Eleven Madison Park (3 Michelin-starred), Aziamendi, Ryunique and Pizzeria Mozza.

David is very adaptable and creative in using seasonal products in different localities. He now runs Cloudnineprivatedining, a private dining and food deliveries company, to create a unique and memorable dining experience.

Christine Lau

Christine Lau

Chef Christine loves food and started cooking when she was young. At school, she used to volunteer to bake cookies for her classmates and other students.

She enjoys fusing various baking techniques to churn out new recipes. She has been working for a bakery as a pastry chef, responsible for baking goods including cakes, bread, and tarts throughout the day whilst maintaining the high level of hygiene and cleanliness. She also conducts cake, Nonya kiuk, and mooncakes classes in community centres.

Her passion has always been to create new ideas to suit the modern world of cooking and baking.

Donovan Cheong

Donovan Cheong

Donovan graduated with a Diploma in Culinary Arts at At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy. He strongly believes that with the right tools and setting, cooking can be educational, interactive and fun.

He had his internship at the Sky on 57 by celebrity chef Justin Quek learning the fundamentals in the cooking of both Western and Asian cuisines. He spent the last 4 years in an event management company hosting team buildings, kids birthday parties, private events that revolved around interactive hands-on cooking – many a times scored the highest ratings in guests satisfaction. At the same time, alongside a small team, he also led a project with Asian Food Channel to redesign and recreate over 600 recipes that are now published on their website.

Clarielle Mansukhani

Clarielle Mansukhani

Clarielle started baking as a hobby and soon fell in love with it, taking a leap of faith by having a career switch mid-way. From cupcakes to French pastry, Clarielle loves the intricacies of decorating and makes everything as pretty and as unique as possible.

“Being a perfectionist, I’ll try something over and over till I get it right.”

Clarielle’s favourite person in the world, her grandma, was also a baker. Not only was her grandma her biggest inspiration, she was also taught to be always hardworking and to never stop learning.

Equipped with both her grandma’s handwritten recipes and books from her favourite pastry chefs, Clarielle is always fine-tuning her skills. With a natural passion for teaching, be prepared for her to go all out during her classes as she shares everything she knows on her love for baking and decorating.

Clarielle is also no stranger to teaching kids as she bakes often with her almost 4-year old son, Gabriel. Using her profession as an opportunity to show her son that it is possible to pursue your dreams through hard work and determination.

“Baking has a very therapeutic effect and I aim to create that relaxing and enjoyable environment throughout my workshops.”

Charmie Tan

Charmie Tan

How amazing could food decoration be, when East meets West?

This is Chef Charmie’s lifelong aspiration.

Cooking is an art to Charmie.  She is passionate about learning new cuisines from different cultures and countries, then share them with fellow enthusiasts.

Charmie is certified by Global Flower Design Association (G.F.D.A.), Korea as the Professional Instructor of Beanpaste Flower Cake Design and Knife Art Flower.

G.F.D.A. takes a lot of pride in its standard.  Charmie is among the first 20 Knife Art Flower Instructors recognised by G.F.D.A. in Asia.

Charmie is also an expert of The Art of Chinese Tea Ceremony and flower piping.

These accolades are the gifts from her traditional Kinmen family.  She was to cook for whole family since she was 9 years old.  Besides cooking, she bakes cookies, cakes and various kinds of kuih.

She even travelled to Taiwan to master their Japanese-Taiwan desserts and old-timer food. (

With her cheerful character and vast creativity, Charmie is dedicated to giving you a joyful learning experience.

Shih Erh Low

Shih Erh Low

Some of us were “born to eat” but Chef Low was “born to cook”. Well, almost literally since this chef was already helping out in her family’s Yellow Light Thai Food restaurant at the tender age of 6. She developed her ability to cook extraordinary Southern Thai dishes from her Thai born mother cum chef and a grand aunt who prepared dishes for the Thai Royal Family.

Through the years, Chef Low has further surprised with and elevated the original cuisine she had learned; integrating her own blend of new creations and twists without losing her ethnic roots and the cuisine’s authenticity.

Her regional influences and strengths have taken her to food consulting and teaching assignments in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The range of classes varies from instructing first-timers in the kitchen to supervising whole teams of kitchen chefs. She is now adept at whipping up popular South East Asian fare ranging from spicy Thai Tom Yum to exotic Penang Laksa to the essential Char Koay Teow, but just to name a few.

Perhaps it comes with no surprise that Chef Low’s creativity, passion, and talents in the kitchen also extends to her interest and knowledge in Chinese calligraphy, literature, and music. She can often be seen conducting makeup classes and sessions too when she is not too busy in the kitchen.

Chef Low recently co-owned a Halal Thai food restaurant; was Consulting Chef for a restaurant which served Penang Cuisine and is a regular guest chef teaching at Palate Sensations.

Phay Shing Tan

Phay Shing Tan

With a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Phay Shing’s experiments did not end when she left the lab. A stay-home mum, she continues to conduct experiments of a different kind in her home kitchen, where she bakes creative macarons, cookies, chiffon cakes, choux pastries, breads and steamed buns. A firm believer in using natural sources of food colouring wherever possible, Phay Shing’s health-conscious baking philosophy has always been to create that delicate balance between aesthetics, healthfulness, richness in flavour and level of sweetness in her bakes. People who have tried her bakes often comment on the delicious taste, level of sweetness that is less than what is sold commercially, and looks that are too cute to be eaten.

Phay Shing has written three books, Creative Baking: Macarons, Creative Baking: Macaron Basics and Creative Baking: Deco Choux Pastries. She also shares a blog, LovingCreations4U with Susanne Ng, and co-authored Creative Baking: Chiffon Cakes with her.