Shih Erh Low

Shih Erh Low

Some of us were “born to eat” but Chef Low was “born to cook”. Well, almost literally since this chef was already helping out in her family’s Yellow Light Thai Food restaurant at the tender age of 6. She developed her ability to cook extraordinary Southern Thai dishes from her Thai born mother cum chef and a grand aunt who prepared dishes for the Thai Royal Family.

Through the years, Chef Low has further surprised with and elevated the original cuisine she had learned; integrating her own blend of new creations and twists without losing her ethnic roots and the cuisine’s authenticity.

Her regional influences and strengths have taken her to food consulting and teaching assignments in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The range of classes varies from instructing first-timers in the kitchen to supervising whole teams of kitchen chefs. She is now adept at whipping up popular South East Asian fare ranging from spicy Thai Tom Yum to exotic Penang Laksa to the essential Char Koay Teow, but just to name a few.

Perhaps it comes with no surprise that Chef Low’s creativity, passion, and talents in the kitchen also extends to her interest and knowledge in Chinese calligraphy, literature, and music. She can often be seen conducting makeup classes and sessions too when she is not too busy in the kitchen.

Chef Low recently co-owned a Halal Thai food restaurant; was Consulting Chef for a restaurant which served Penang Cuisine and is a regular guest chef teaching at Palate Sensations.