Charmie Tan

Charmie Tan

How amazing could food decoration be, when East meets West?

This is Chef Charmie’s lifelong aspiration.

Cooking is an art to Charmie.  She is passionate about learning new cuisines from different cultures and countries, then share them with fellow enthusiasts.

Charmie is certified by Global Flower Design Association (G.F.D.A.), Korea as the Professional Instructor of Beanpaste Flower Cake Design and Knife Art Flower.

G.F.D.A. takes a lot of pride in its standard.  Charmie is among the first 20 Knife Art Flower Instructors recognised by G.F.D.A. in Asia.

Charmie is also an expert of The Art of Chinese Tea Ceremony and flower piping.

These accolades are the gifts from her traditional Kinmen family.  She was to cook for whole family since she was 9 years old.  Besides cooking, she bakes cookies, cakes and various kinds of kuih.

She even travelled to Taiwan to master their Japanese-Taiwan desserts and old-timer food. (

With her cheerful character and vast creativity, Charmie is dedicated to giving you a joyful learning experience.