Types of knives

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Types of knives

As everyone knows, knives are integral to any kitchen. Having the right knife set will make a big difference in your culinary adventure. Different types of knives are designed for different functions.  By using the right one, you will find cooking easier and more enjoyable!

These are four commonly used knives found in the kitchen:

Chef’s Knife

Arguably the most important piece in the set as it acts as a ‘food processor’- slicing, dicing, and mincing practically everything you need. Most chef knives range from 12 – 25 cm on the blade.  The ideal chef knife should be as big as you are comfortable with, keeping in mind that a longer knife provides more cutting space. Try out the knife by making a few cutting motions to check that it feels balanced in your hand and the handle is comfortable to hold.

Chef Knife by Jamie Oliver (Retail Price: $84.90)

Paring Knife

A small knife that is suitable for skinning vegetables and fruits, trimming fats from pieces of meat and other delicate tasks. If you find this knife too short for your comfort, replace it with a longer utility knife.

BestCut Straight Edge Paring Knife by Giesser (Retail Price: $62.60

Utility Knife

A knife that is typically bigger than a paring knife but smaller than a chef’s knife. It measures at approximately 12 – 15 cm on the blade and can be used for carving, slicing, de-boning and filleting. As suggested by its name, it is considered by most to be the all-purpose knife.

PREMIUM Forged Utility Knife by Atlantic Chef (Retail Price:$40.10)

Serrated Knife

The distinct jagged edge of this knife is meant for cutting food with hard exteriors and soft interiors, which include bread, roast meat and soft fruits like tomatoes.  We typically apply the slicing motion when using the serrated knife as it tends to grab and cut the surface easily.

EFFICIENT Serrated Slicing Knife by Atlantic Chef (Retail Price: $22.10)