How are knives made?

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How are knives made?

There are two basic methods that are used to manufacture blades: Stamping and Forging. Forged blades are known to produce better quality knives. However, it also depends on the usage.

Stamped blades

Manufactured through cutting out from a flat sheet of steel and then ground, tempered, polished and sharpened. Stamped blades are thinner than forged blades and have a tendency of making the knife handle feel heavy and off-balance. They are easier to sharpen than forged blades and also easier to recognize because they do not have a bolster. While a knife with a forged blade is generally considered superior to those with a stamped blade, there are some knives made from stamped blades that offer an equally impressive performance. A stamped blade knife also typically cost less than one with a forged blade.

Forged blades 

The blade is moulded by one piece of steel, meaning that the blade and tang are all in one piece. A hot piece of steel is pressed into a blade mould and then hammered into shape. The blade goes through different processes that enhances its flexibility and hardness. The blade is sculpted into shape, which typically includes a bolster. The forged blade is generally thicker than a blade that has been stamped. The thickness of the blade and the bolster of the forged blade add strength and balance to the knife. Not all forged blades have a bolster but generally a forged blade can be recognized by the presence of a bolster.