Topinambour Soup

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Topinambour Soup

by Stephan Zoisl

Topinambour Soup – Jerusalem Artichoke Soup is a show-stopping appetizer that is creamy and nutritious!

Cuisine : European  Course : Appetizer  Skill Level : Novice
Prep : 15 mins Cook : 15 mins Ready in : 30 mins  Serves : 1-2 Servings


  • 1kg Topinambour, Jerusalem Artichoke
  • 200gm White Onions
  • 250gm Butter
  • 100ml White Wine
  • 2L Vegetable Stock or Water
  • 300ml Cream
  • 60ml Almond Oil
  • 100gm Malto Sec
  • 1 punnet Purple Shiso
  • Bay leaf, salt & black pepper for seasoning
  • Deco: Freid Artichoke Chips, Purple Shiso

DIRECTIONS FOR TOPINAMBOUR SOUP                                    

  1. Peel the topinambour (Jerusalem artichoke), cut in half. Peel the onions, cut in small cubes.
  2. Melt the butter in a bigger pot, by low heat – add the onions and sauté them without giving colour.
  3. Add the topinambour – sauté for 5minutes, season with salt, pepper and bay leaf.
  4. Add the white wine, reduce the wine by half. Add the vegetable stock or water.
  5. Boil till the topinambour are soft and blend till smooth.
  6. Taste and season again, might add a little bit of fresh lemon choose if it needs a bit more acid. Last – transfer back into the pot, add the cream – boil ones and serve.


  1. Place the malto-sec into a blender, slowly add the almond oil. Once everything is combined, give it a strong blend.


  1. Place the powder in the soup bowl, followed by the fried artichoke chips, garnished with purple shiso. Serve the soup in extra pot and pour into the bowl at the table.
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