Mille Feuille Jivara

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Mille Feuille Jivara

by Lin Weixian

Traditionally made of three layers of puff pastry, alternating with two layers of pastry cream, Chef Lin’s version is something that no one can resist! 

Cuisine : Baking Course : Dessert Skill Level : Novice
Prep : 30 mins Cook : 15 mins Ready in : 45 mins Serves : 4-6


  • For the Hazelnut Dacquiose 
    • 150g Egg whites
    • 50g Sugar
    • 135g Ground hazelnut
    • 150g Sugar
    • 35g Hazelnut, roasted and chopped

    For the Crispy Praline

    • 160g Praline paste
    • 16g Milk chocolate
    • 12g Butter
    • 80g Feuillentine

    For the Jivara Chantilly

    • 315g Cream
    • 210g Milk chocoalte jivara


        For the Hazelnut Dacquoise

  1. Prepare the workstation.

  2. Scale the ingredients.

  3. Stir ground hazelnut with the 150g of sugar, set aside

  4. Whip the egg whites with 50g of sugar to soft peaks.

  5. Fold the dry ingredients into the whipped egg whites.

  6. Spread the dacquiose onto a tray lined with parchment paper and sprinkle the chopped hazelnuts on top

  7. Bake at 160ºC till golden brown.

  8. Cool down and set aside.

    For the Crispy Praline

  9. Prepare the workstation.

  10. Scale the ingredients.

  11. Melt milk chocolate with butter and mix into the praline paste.

  12. Fold the feuillentine into the mixture.

  13. Spread the crispy praline on top of the dacquoise and set in the chiller.



    For the Jivara Chantily

  14. Prepare the workstation.
  15. Scale the ingredients.
  16. Bring to boil cream and pour on top of the chocolate.
  17. Mix well, blend with hand blender and strain into container, cover with clingfilm and keep one night in chiller.


  18. With a small amount of Chantilly, stick on sheet of milk chocolate on top of the dacquoise.

  19. With a round nozzle, pipe dome on top and cover with another sheet of milk chocolate.

  20. Keep in chiller until ready to serve.

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