Easter Baking Ideas

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Easter Baking Ideas

Easter Day is just around corner and we have some Easter baking ideas for you to try!

1. Carrot Patch Cookies
These adorably photogenic cookies are a sight to behold and  almost too pretty to eat! All you need are wafer biscuits, Oreos and Gummy carrot sweets. Firstly, stick the wafers into the shape of a tiny trough. Then crush your Oreos into Oreo dust. These will act as the “soil” in your carrot patch. Fill the wafer troughs with the Oreo dust and stick your carrot gummies in. Voila! Your tiny Instagram-worthy Carrot Patch Cookies are now ready for your tummy!

2. Carrot Cake
The perfect dessert for Easter Day. Soft sponge punctuated by bits of shredded carrot and topped with sticky sweet icing, can you resist? Who says we don’t eat our vegetables? For extra cuteness, roll out some sugar fondant into little carrots to decorate the cake!

3. Hot Cross Buns
A traditional Easter dish, nobody can resist Hot Cross Buns that are fresh from the oven. Make a batch of these delicious bundles of joy and serve them with a sweet butter. The smell of these buns wafting from the ovens will send all the kids back to the dining table!

4. Strawberry Buttermilk Sherbet
Take a break from all the candy and chocolate with this five-ingredient recipe that is so refreshingly light. Just combine agave nectar and strawberries and process for a minute until smooth. Next add in the buttermilk and blend well. Lastly, add raspberry-flavoured liquor and pulse to mix. Chill the mixture for an hour before transferring to an ice-cream freezer. Once the mixture is set, you may proceed to indulge.

5. Crème Egg Chocolate Brownies
Be warned, these delicious nests of warm oozing chocolate lava are incredibly sinful. Melt down your leftover Easter chocolate with butter, mix the eggs and flour and whisk till fully combined. Pipe your brownie batter into a baking tray and proceed to cut your crème eggs in half. Garnish each brownie with half a crème egg before popping them into the oven. Once they’re out of the oven, let them cool for a bit before you start devouring them. Good food is worth waiting for!