Darryl Lim

Darryl Lim

With over a decade of industry experience, Chef Darryl Lim is a big player in the F&B scene in Singapore.

Many may remember Chef Darryl as the head baker for the premium online kueh lapis bakery, “Kue”.

His skills extend beyond the kitchen and he works as a consultant for the F&B industry. He has previously acted as a consultant for the hip art cafe “The Orange Thimble” and as the General Manager for established restaurants and bars “SocialHaus” and “FoodBar DaDa”.

After leaving FoodBar DaDa, Darryl moved to Thailand with his wife & family to recover from a slip disc surgery and to immerse himself in Thai culture and master the skills of Thai cooking.

Today he works as a consultant for the popular Soi 55, a trendy F&B establishment selling Thai tea, coffee and street snacks in Singapore.

Chef Darryl will share with you the skills he has learnt in Thailand and a few treasured recipes he has created specially for Soi 55. He will teach you to make Thai Milk Tea, Toast Cubes with a Kaya Fondue Dip and Grilled Bananas with a Coconut Cream Dip. Chef Darryl prides himself in creating authentic recipes using only natural ingredients. The Kaya Fondue and Coconut Cream Dips are hand-made with all natural ingredients.

These drinks and snacks are a relatively simple way to impress your guests and bring a taste of the Thai street snack culture into your home.

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