6 Ways to Green Up Your Kitchen

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6 Ways to Green Up Your Kitchen

World Environment Day (June 5) is upon us! In this week’s guide, ToTT shows you 6 simple and practical ways to love the earth right from your kitchen.

1. The Incredible Bulk

Sometimes, more is more. Cooking and baking in bulk requires less appliance energy than if you were to cook each meal separately, so plan your meals in advance and whip them up at one go. Freeze them when you’re done and reheat for fuss-free lunches and dinners throughout the week. Easy peasy! ToTT loves these healthy, simple and delicious weekly guides by The Domestic Geek.

Also, keeping your freezer full reduces the amount of cold air space in your fridge that needs to be exchanged with warm air from your kitchen. That way, you save electricity and your fridge gets to chill, literally!

2. Say NO to Paper Towels

Did you know that 17 trees are cut down and 20,000 gallons of water are consumed just to make one ton of paper towels? The next time you reach for a piece to clean up a small spill, think of the hefty price the environment had to pay for it. ToTT recommends using microfibre or cloth towels from sustainable sources because they minimise waste and reduce carbon footprint. Simply toss into the washing machine with your laundry at the end of the day after using, and voila, fresh clean towels the next morning!

3. Invest in Quality Kitchenware

Scrimping on kitchenware might make sense if you’re a new homeowner on a tight budget, but investing in quality items is more cost effective in the long run. Instead of replacing worn out pots and pans every few years or less, buy cast iron or copper cookware that can withstand the test of time. If handled properly, these can last for generations so you’ll ultimately be getting more bang for your buck! Not to mention, you’ll score lots of environmental karma points by minimising waste from disposing old products and packaging.

4. The Pressure is ON!

Slash your utility bills by cooking with a pressure cooker. Gas stoves guzzle energy, so use more energy efficient methods like pressure cooking to reduce the energy consumption of your stove significantly. A pressure cooker gets you the results of regular stovetop cooking in half the time, leaving you with more time for everything else. What’s there not to love about flavourful soups and tender meats in just an hour?

5. Make Your Own Compost Bin

Turn kitchen scraps into garden gold by making your own compost with leftovers and fallen leaves. Purchase a compost bin or make one yourself, and return Mother Earth what she gave you. Even if you don’t compost, check out how you can use kitchen scraps like eggshells, fruit peels and coffee grounds here.

6. Ditch the Disposables

You know the drill, cut down on plastic bags by using foldable shopping bags and opt for reusable cutlery and tableware whenever you can, even for baking. Once you’ve done that, replace the rest of your disposables with those made out of earth-friendly materials like bio-plastics and recycled, unbleached paper