Felix Chong

Felix Chong

In August 2015, Chef Felix co-founded Divine Palate and has been helming the private dining kitchen since then. There are unlimited local talented chefs in Singapore and even Asia. Being an Asian, Chef Felix wants to make a difference and promote the recognition of our homegrown chefs. Divine Palate is established as a platform for these capable and skilled chefs to present their creations for our valued guests.
For a company to succeed over the long haul, customers have to see a strong, differentiated value proposition to buy your products or services instead of a market full of alternatives. Divine Palate strives to provide an extraordinary experience for our guests at each individual event.

With over 13 years specializing in Italian cuisine, Chef Felix started his career by graduating from SHATEC and working his way up at some of the first-rated Italian restaurants, including Otto e Mezzo (3 Michelin-stars) in Hong Kong.

In March 2014, Chef Felix was awarded the prestigious Top 5 Rising Chef of the Year award at the World Gourmet Summit in. He specializes in Italian Cuisine, from regional Italian classics to modern interpretations, including Italian-Japanese fusion. His signature creations include the delectable home-made squid ink-infused pasta with Hokkaido Uni (Sea Urchin), as well as his very palatable Italian-Asian fused salted egg chocolate lava cake.

Chef Felix is the quintessential Italian chef trapped in a Chinese body. His parents are Cantonese, but his mother’s love for tomatoes and cooking give rise to his fervor about Italian cuisine.  Chef Felix’s zeal for Italian food is ever strong and he draws inspiration from the very elemental and traditional aspects of Italian cuisine. He loves to share his passion and knowledge for authentic Italian delicacies with people around him.
In his 13 years as a professional chef, Chef Felix has worked with the some of the finest Italian restaurants; such as Otto e Mezzo (3 Michelin-starred Chef Bombana) in Hong Kong, ‘Zu a Ma’ with famous Chef Giacomo Gallina and with Chef Sebastian Kaiser at Four Point Sheraton Hotel in Italy, as well as local favorites Senso, Otto Italian, Sous Chef at Forlino at One Fullerton and more recently Chef de Cuisine at inITALY, Truffle Gourmet and 63 Celsius Tapas Bar & Charcoal Grill. Chef Felix is also a private chef for his gourmet clientele, offering inventive Omakase menus at its best.

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