Chris Ng

Chris Ng

Chris’ style of cooking is a reflection of his East and West experiences. After spending his formative years in Singapore, he lived in the U.K and ate his way across Europe. His exposure to traditional and modern European food forms the foundation for producing food that warms the heart and soul.

He aims to combine fresh ingredients with a balance of classic and modern techniques. His current home in Singapore means his dishes can be based on classical Western cuisine with the occasional Oriental twist.

Chris holds a degree from the London School of Economics and has also completed a Diploma in Culinary Arts from at-Sunrice. Additionally, he has trained under Bruno Menard, a three Michelin star chef.

Having successfully managed Ah Bong’s Italian, he is currently the chef and owner of Ah Bong goes to school – a food stall located in his daughter’s primary school that aspires to provide home-cooked healthy meals to young children.

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