Raspberry Mini-Charlotte

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Raspberry Mini-Charlotte

by Susanne Despature

Surround the smooth pudding with crunchy ladyfingers and top with berries. Just like that, you have created a refreshing dessert packed with anti-oxidants and health benefits. Oh, don’t forget that it looks so delicate that your family and friends would be impressed for sure!

Cuisine : Baking Course : Dessert Skill Level : Novice
Prep : 150 mins Cook : 5 mins Ready in : 155 mins Serves : 6


  • Charlotte
    • 24 Ladyfingers

    Yogurt Cream

    • 100g Mixed Raspberries (frozen puree)
    • 50-60g Icing Sugar
    • 150g Greek Yogurt
    • 150g Mascarpone
    • ½ Lemon (or lime juice)
    • 160g Cream (35% fat)
    • 4 sheets of Gelatine (10g)
    • 125g Berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, mint leaves)

    Raspberry Jelly

    • 125g Mixed Raspberries (frozen puree)
    • 50g Caster Sugar
    • ¼ tsp Agar-Agar



  1. Put 6 circles on a tray (covered with baking paper) and line them with 8 ladyfingers (cut in 2 lengthwise), the sugar coated side towards the circle

    Raspberry Jelly

  2. Heat the raspberry puree with sugar and agar-agar in a small pan and let cook for 1 minute.

  3. Let cool out until room temperature (25 – 30°C)

    Yogurt Cream

  4. Whip the very cold whipping cream in a chilled bowl until stiff and refrigerate.

  5. Soak gelatine sheets in cold water for 10 minutes. Heat up raspberry puree and lemon juice in a small pan or in microwave (40°C), then dissolve soaked gelatine in the warm puree, stirring gently with a spoon.

  6. In a bowl, mix soft mascarpone with yogurt and icing sugar. Add raspberry puree and mix thoroughly. Refrigerate.

  7. When raspberry cream starts to gelify on the border, fold in carefully whipped cream with a rubber spatula.

  8. Fill raspberry cream in circles, almost to the top – let some space for raspberry jelly. Refrigerate the Charlottes for 1-2 hours, then pour gently raspberry jelly on top.

  9. Garnish with berries and mint leaves and refrigerate.

    To Serve

  10. Take away circles and present each Charlotte on individual plates.

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