Drop Off Culinary Camp by Chef Claire

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Drop Off Culinary Camp by Chef Claire

*Suitable for kids aged 8-14

This class may require kids to:
– Work in pairs/groups to bake and make certain components. They will work on their own individual bakes when it comes to decorating/making their own pizza.
– Handle simple cutting with guidance from our Chef. Please indicate whether you are comfortable with your child handling sharp knives. Our chef and staff will be happy to assist if cutting is best avoided.
– Chef Claire allows the children to work at their own pace with her guidance. Class will end on time for those who are able to keep up. We would appreciate it if parents and caretakers can be flexible over the pick up timing should the children require slightly more time to complete their bakes.

28 Dec 2022
1:30pm to 6:00pm
  • Chef: Claire Marie Chang
  • Type: Hands-on Kids Class
  • Cuisine: Baking & Decorating
  • Location: ToTT @ Suntec
  • Difficulty: Novice

class fees

Class Fee: $168.00/child

EARLY BIRD: Use promo code DROPOFF10 to enjoy $10.00 off class fee!
*Applicable for the first 3 kids only.


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About the chef

Claire Marie Chang

Claire has been a huge foodie since young. As a child, she would tiptoe and check out what people were enjoying on their tables. During her teenage years, her mum introduced her to Mrs Field’s cookies. And that was it! She had to recreate them in her kitchen. Armed with her very first recipe book, Claire begins her baking journey.

Class Description

What you will learn:

  • Butterfly Unicorn Buttercream Cake
    – Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cake
    – Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream
    – Cake Layering and Frosting/Piping Techniques (Children can choose the unicorn mane colours: pink, purple, blue, yellow or green)
    – Fondant Modelling Techniques of Unicorn Details(eyes, ears and horns. Butterfly decorations will be premade.
  • Homemade Pizza with Choice of Toppings (sausage, ham, pineapple, vegetables and assorted toppings) *No pork/no beef/vegetarian options are available upon request.

What you will prepare:

  • 1x 4.5″ cake per child
    *Cake dimensions may vary from photo references.
  • 1 personal sized pizza to be eaten at the end of class in the studio or be packed to bring home.

What the fee includes:

  • Cake board and box
  • Use of quality kitchen equipment
  • ToTT apron
  • Ingredients for the class
  • Recipe printout

Class format:

  1. Introduction to Chef Claire Marie Chang, class structure and ingredients.
  2. Demonstration of each recipe by Chef Claire Marie Chang followed by hands-on session by participants.
  3. Discussion with chef including tips, techniques and troubleshooting (throughout class).

You will be able to interact directly with the instructor and use the wide variety of kitchen equipment provided by our partners and available for purchase at the ToTT Store in this hands-on cooking class. Please bring containers to pack your food if you do not intend to consume the food on-site after the cooking class. Participants are advised to wear closed shoes for protection and dress in casual, comfortable attire with little to no jewelry. Participants may be asked to share workspace/work in pairs depending on the recipe and class concept.

Please read our Cooking Classes FAQ before you proceed to register for the class. Classes will only be confirmed proceeding or cancelled three days prior to the date of class. In the event that the minimum number of participants is not met, the class will be cancelled. We will inform you via email. You can choose to either get a refund of the cooking class fee or attend another class of the same value.

Customers who hold the complimentary hands-on/demo class vouchers are to email cookbakehost@tottstore.com to register for cooking classes. If you hold a complimentary cooking class voucher but made payment for a cooking class, the payment made is strictly non-refundable. Please note that some of our cooking classes cannot be redeemed with complimentary class vouchers and/or redemption letter. There is also a quota for the number of complimentary class vouchers redeemed per class. Do register for classes in advance to avoid disappointment as classes redeemed using complimentary vouchers are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

ToTT reserves the copyrights of photography and videos taken in class for future promotional purposes, without prior notice. If you do not wish to be included in such, please email cookbakehost@tottstore.com to inform us prior to the class. Failure to do so will mean that you waive all rights to ToTT to use photos or videos that we have captured of you during the class.

Please read our Cooking Class General Terms & Conditions and FAQs.

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